Monday, February 9, 2009

Look Out For Contact Lenses Sold Online

According to the big article on Straits Times 8 feb 2009, main section page 11 .... its such a big article that caught my eyes when I was flipping earlier...

Ok, I cannot type out the whole article:
A few points:
  1. Many users of these colored lenses are ending up with eye infections, say doctors
  2. Under Singapore Law, only registered optometrists and opticians can sell or prescribe contact lenses.
  3. Music student daphne Tan, 20, has sworn never to buy lenses online again after she ended up with a corneal ulcer, which causes acute buring pain and if not arrested, can lead to total loss of sight. When she asked the blog shop for compensation, the person simply closed down her shop.and she never heard from her again.
  4. A search on beauty forums such as and unearthed at least 10 complaints of blog-shop buys that led to eye infections.
  5. Optometrists also reported a rise in the number of individuals seeing them with eye problems related to cosmetic contact lens wear.
  6. When informed of the Optometrists and Opticians Act that outlaws lens sales by unregistered operators, 8 out of 10 blog-shop owners interviewed said they would stop selling cosmetics contact lenses.

Buying cosmetics lenses online can be cheap, infact I come across like less than $20 for a pair which can last 1 year .... For myself, I am quite sensitive to contact lenses as they always make my eyes itch ( I am refering to legal brands that I bought from opticians such as biomedics, acuvue...but all made my eyes itch) .. but recently I found freshkon alluring eyes contact lenses quite comfortable wearing them, and it somehow make my eyes appear bigger... and they dont really make my eyes itch.. but i dont think I dare to try these korean/china brands that online sellers are selling...

I just simply too kiasi to try out contact lenses that are available online...

Our eyes are too precious to play with...

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