Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review: 1 Day Acuvue Define

Before I realised that making spectacles and buying contact lenses is much cheaper in JB, I always frequent an optical shop in Toa Payoh central, infact for several years. The boss gave me 2 boxes of Acuvue 1 Day Define to try .. I seldom use, I still have 2 pairs left... Whenever I use this 1 Day define I would find it quite waste, as in 1 pair will cost SG$4 to wear, according to the boss. But I think the effect for freshkon Alluring eyes is better since it comes in black and brown.. this 1 day define I got is in Vivid style, something like natural brown.. Not too sure if its available in super black.

Product: Acuvue 1 Day Define Descriptions:
  • Get bigger, brighter and more beautiful eyes in a natural way
  • Disposable lenses are changed daily for optimum eye health
  • Lenses have UV Blocking technology to help protect your cornea and the interior part of the eye
Try Acuvue 1 day Define if (taken from acuvue website):
  • You care about having bigger and brighter eyes
  • You would like to naturally enhance the beauty of your eyes
  • You value the option of having 2 styles of contacts that will enhance your eyes differently
Packaging: 30 pieces per box. ( i guess)

Price: RM$110/box ( which mean around SG$3 per pair even if I were to buy from JB, guess the price in Singapore will be more expensive) maybe it will be cheaper in JB if they have this buy 3 free 1 box promotion.

Conclusion: I think its really very expensive, as in single wear cost SG$4 .. well its recommended for people who seldom wear contact lenses, but want to wear contact lenses that enhance their eyes only on some special occassions. or else, it will be expensive in the long run.. better off getting Freshkon Alluring eyes monthly lenses which cost around SG$20 if buy from JB.

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