Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing AFC King Konboo 3-Step Hair Rejuvenation System

When I was browsing through Lifestyle July issue, something caught my attention - The face of a King Kong! And upon reading the article, I realised it was the advertisement of AFC latest range of products - AFC King Konboo - A Proven Scalp & Hair Rejuvenation 3-step System which targets hair loss & thinning for men. ( but I was told that the products are also safe for women to use)

AFC King Konboo system comprising of shampoo, essence and supplement is medically formulated with patented Fucoidan from Gagome Kombu, a strain of brown seaweed exclusive to Hokkaido with the richest content of Fucoidan. Synergised with active ingredients, AFC King Konboo is clinically proven to stimulate the production of FGF-7 encouraging natural hair growth, and block the formation of male hormone to DHT to reduce hair loss.

Now let's take a look at the 3 products...

Thanks to Lifestream Group! I received this duo AFC King KonBoo Shampoo and Essence for my dad to try, as he has hair loss and balding concerns. I will also be trying both the products as they are safe for women to use too, especially those who have oily scalps. (if I was not informed that women can also use these products, I think I also don't really dare to try.. but I was told some women are actually loving these King Konboo products)

I will be reviewing these 2 products soon...

Meanwhile, if you (having hair loss with oily scalp) or your dad/brother/boyfriend suffering from hair loss & thinning, and interested in trying out AFC's breakthrough Formulation with Patented Fucoidan, here is how you can redeem a trial sachet set of King Konboo Shampoo & Essence.. Details as follow..

For more product information, visit Lifestream Group website where you can also buy AFC products from its online store, or join AFC Japan Facebook for the latest promotions. (Currently, they are rewarding 2 of their lucky facebook fans with a set of King Konboo shampoo, essence and supplement! just go join AFC Facebook page if you not and click "like" on its King Konboo giveaway!)

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