Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some random purchases here and there..

Just some purchases in the few weeks...

Silkpro new series shampoos.. Silkpro recommended to use this duo on alternate day for effective hair loss control.. All I have to say is nice packaging (look like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil), nice smell, affordable prices,....BUT instead of improving my hair loss problem, it worsened....Increase the amount of hair strands on the floor.. :(

Kirei Kirei hand and body foam.. Oh I love these.. so foamy with anti-bacterial effect.. Yes, always remember to wash hands before putting on contact lenses and washing face.

Avene Thermal Water Sprays and Deep Pore Foaming Cleansers. Including free gift packs for my purchases. Avene Thermal Water Spray has been my staple in my skincare regime. Love the refreshing effect on my skin. Most of the time, I use it as my toner.

Bought this for my boyfriend after he finished the first bottle I gave him a few months back. Seem like he is liking Kiehl's products too because he also asked me to help him get Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment as he is finishing his tube. ('',) Are most guys loyal to the skincare products that they find quite good? How come ladies often attracted to try out new skincare products every time, specially reading good raves about them?

Replenished my Etude House Green Tea Nose Packs, but recently seldom use these as my blackheads lessen quite abit after using B.Liv Off The Heads. Also picked up a bottle of Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer. (Got to apply this product on eyelid quickly or else it will dry up quite fast upon contact with the skin.)

Got a couple of double-eyelid stickers to try lately. I am glad that Pink Beauty has replenished my HG double eyelid stickers (the 2 purple packs on the left) Think these are my 4th and 5th packs.

The bottom right one is the same brand as the purple pack, so I got it as the stickers are  double sided type. Too bad I do not really like them. The pink pack is even worst, the stickers are too thick and look obvious when I pasted it on my eyelid.

Went to have an eye consultation and realised both eyes powers have increased a lot..So I bought these new contact lenses and a pair of spectacles. My first time trying Air Optix, the optician said it is almost same quality as Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus so I tried them out.  4 boxes cost me at around SG$70 (bought in JB) and one day while I was reading the papers, I saw realised SG is selling at $210 for the same number of boxes. Quite a big price difference!

After attending the Power of Scent Essential Oils Workshop at Spa Esprit, it really got me interested in doterra essential oils. I was pretty amazed at the benefits and usefulness of essential oils so I bought my first doterra essential oil - Melaleuca (also known as tea tree) for my acne problems. It is so pure that I can also dab a drop on our tongue and swallow to curb the starting of a sore throat.

These are non-beauty related stuffs. Just want to share this cute iphone battery charger which I got. But the plain one seem to work better than the cute one which goes haywire at times. haha. ('',) It takes around 3 hours to charge up my iphone from 20%-100%. Quite a long time compared to charging via AC charger...but you know how iphone drains battery like drinking water.


Anonymous said...

Avene Thermal Water Sprays is very good. but how come i didn't get any free gifts : < - wen.

Sharon said...

I bought these during promotion period when customers will get a free gift pack with every purchase. But so far for Avene, if you buy from Watsons or Guardian and that the Avene promoter is around, you can always request for samples and they will gladly give you some. Through my few experiences buying Avene products, Avene promoters are pretty generous with their samples for their customers. (You just need to make sure the promoter is around to help you with your purchase)