I am Sharon from Singapore.

I started this blog to note down interesting things that I have come across, product launches and beauty events/workshops that I had attended and the little happenings in my life...What you'll find on this blog are my personal reviews* on some of the skincare, haircare and makeup products that I have used, movies that I had watched, and any specially nice or awful food I have eaten. And if I chance on any good buys, nice freebies or promotions/sales, I will also post it here to share.

I remember a quote that goes something like this:

" If you are happy, share it with someone and your happiness will be doubled..If you are sad, share it with someone, and your sorrow will be reduced by half."

So that is the reason why you can also find my rants and raves in here..('',)

My Loves:
  • skincare products 
  • cosmetics
  • cosmetics tools
  • haircare products/tools
  • watching movies
  • surfing the internet
  • attending skincare/makeup demonstrations/events
  • attending product launches/fashion shows
  • eating nice food
  • trying out new products
  • hunting for my Holy Grail products
  • Beauty Sleep

My Skin Type:
  • Sensitive, normal/combination skin (dryness on fore head)
  • Horrible dark circles with obvious fine lines. ( think of panda bears’ eyes)
  • Open pores
  • Prone to sun-burns and acne.

My Skin Tone/Color:

 - Fair-medium with yellow undertone

Please feel free to me comments if you have any questions..For every comment posted on my blog, I will reply you... ('',) because I believe if you bother to take your time to leave me a comment, I don't see why I cannot spend the time to reply you even though I may not know the answer. ( That is the reason why all these while, I replied to every single of your precious comment on this blog)