Wednesday, November 23, 2016

My First Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair Treatment Review (DIY)

I have heard many good reviews about Mucota products (Aire series, especially Aire 10) as well as Mucota Dyna Hair Treatment. So today I am going to try out Mucota Dyna Hair Treatment (The Do-IT-Yourself Method).

These are 4 products in Mucota Dyna Series. 

DYNA CCA (yellow pack): Changes the hair texture, gives hair a sleek and glossy finish.
DYNA CAT (blue pack): To relax curly or color-damaged hair, leaves hair soft and natural finish.
DYNA CA (green pack): To maintain the hair straightness and softness in a natural finish.
DYNA AFTER (pink pack): To moisturize the hair and deodorizing effect.

After reading a few reviews and also enquired with the sellers of Mucota Dyna products, I bought this duo (CAT and AFTER) from Dreambook E-store on Qoo10. Got a seller suggested me CCA (yellow pack), but I chose CAT (blue pack) as it seem that most hair stylists used this on their clients.

Directions of use (from website):
However I did not follow exactly the same steps as shown above.
Instead, I started by using Mucota Aire 1 shampoo (without using any conditioner) then towel dry my hair and apply DYNA CAT. I left it on for 30 minutes including application time. Then I rinsed off, blow dry my hair and use my Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HS95 Hair Straightener at 180 Degree Celsius to seal off the treatment. I applied DYNA AFTER and left it on for 20 minutes including application time. Finally, I rinsed my hair and blow dry.

Have to say it was quite difficult and messy to apply the cream onto my hair as I cannot really see the back of my hair. Sectioning of my hair using the clips was also not easy. Think to do a good job requires one to coat the products evenly onto each strand of hair and must know when to rinse off. I don’t know how to check the softness of my hair (think need to do a pull test) when the first cream (DYNA CAT) was applied. My timing was also inaccurate. By the time I finished applying the product to the second side of my hair, I was worried that I have exceeded the processing time on the first side of hair that explains the time I took at the 2 stages in which the two creams were applied. 

So how are the results??

*Above after pictures were taken after I washed off DYNA AFTER, and blow dry my hair, without further using a hair straightener.

After washing off DYNA CAT and blow drying my hair, I could actually feel that my hair was already soft and smooth. My natural curls seem to straighten as well. The end result was not too bad (not super flat type) considering that I did this Mucota Dyna hair treatment by myself (with no experience and hands that do not coordinate well). Seriously it is not easy to apply the products evenly onto my hair when I cannot see the back. My hair is now quite soft and smooth although some parts may be uneven. If I have done this Mucota Dyna Hair Treatment at a hair salon, the result will be 100x better and certainly more even. 
Mucota Products are worth the hype!! 
I am going to get their conditioner, hair mask and the super popular Aire 10 leave-in conditioner. 

Update 3 February 2017
Just before Chinese New Year, I brought my Mucota Dyna set to a hair salon which offers Mucota Dyna treatment and the hair stylists said for my hair condition I should be using DYNA CCA so that hair wont be so flat after treatment. The hair stylist said DYNA CAT could still be used on my hair, just that he will need to adjust the treatment time. The effect was way better and evenly straightened when a professional did the whole treatment for me. It just took less than 10 minutes for the hair stylist to apply each cream to my hair. For my hair condition, he said the treatment time for DYNA CAT and DYNA AFTER should be 15 minutes and 10 minutes respectively. 

Anyway, I also bought Mucota Aire 10 recently and have been using for a few weeks. After trying it, I know why Aire 10 is one of the most popular hair care products in the Aire range - its works in leaving my hair soft and smooth without the greasy effect. Highly recommended to try Mucota Aire 10 if you have straight hair (If you have permed or wavy hair, then check out Mucota Aire 9) - I am using Aire 10 prior to blow drying my hair (as a heat protector) and it also double up as a leave-in conditioner. I got all my Mucota products from a Japanese company (Dreambook E-store) from Qoo10, and their prices are very reasonable and they provide free shipping if you spend more than S$40. But if you are going to buy just a bottle of Mucota Aire 10, it will cost a total of S$22.90 including S$3 shipping fee. Pretty reasonable right? Delivery takes about 5 to 7 working days as the item(s) will be shipped directly from Japan. 

*P.S. if you are considering to DIY this Mucota Dyna hair treatment, better to ask someone to help you out or ask your hair stylist friend for help. Its really not easy to manage by yourself and the timing to wash the products off also require experience.


Anonymous said...

Hey babe thanks for sharing your frank experience on DIY mucota treatment. ;) Will have to reconsider trying this out by myself as I have short hair & would be harder to apply the cream, straighten my hair etc.

Sharon said...

Hi, Thank you for leaving your comment. Yes it is indeed difficult to apply the cream at the back. Front part is ok, as we can easily see in front of a mirror. Perhaps you can ask your sibling or friend to help you apply or you can ask if any home salon can do for you if you bring the products to her. I know Mucota Dyna treatment is not really cheap if done at a professional salon. But these 2 packs should last at least 3 to 4 times usage. Ok, do share with me your experience if you DIY the treatment.

Anonymous said...

Hello! May I know if you used shampoo to wash off the CAT & AFTER cream, or you simply used water to rinse off? Also, any recommendation for salon / home salon that allows customers to bring over their own (possibly leftover, hahaha) Mucota DYNA products?

Sharon said...

Hi, thank you for dropping by my blog. I shampooed once only before using CAT. I did not shampoo after washing off CAT n AFTER cream. I actually bought my packs to a salon in JB to help me do on my second attempt. Think u can call up home salon to see if they can help u do but u pay them a fee. It is really quite difficult to apply the creams evenly as we cant see the back, then the time taken also hard to gauge when we not professionals. The salon I did charge rm600 for mucota Dyna treatment so dont think any salon would allow us bring over our products and do for us, and we pay a fraction of the price. You can try calling home salon to try it out.think maybe they will charge a fee of less than $50 (my guess).