Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++

BB (Blemish Balm) creams are getting so popular these days that many well-known beauty counter brands are launching BB cream along with their regular skincare/makeup lines.

And the good news is Laneige Singapore will launch their latest product - Snow BB Cream SPF41 PA++ on 16 July 2010.

What are the product benefits of Laneige Snow BB Cream?

Laneige's Snow BB cream is a 3-in-1 product that comes with whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection benefits. It doubles up as a moisturising essence to provide instant hydration benefits. Key ingredient Liquid Crystal Essence also helps create a moisture barrier on the skin to keep the moisture locked-in for all day hydration.

Laneige Snow BB Cream brings you one step closer to perfecting that natural makeup look as there are 2 shades to choose from.

What are the ingredients in Laneige Snow BB Cream?

Crataegus Monogyna
- Best known for its srtong anti-oxidant properties.

Liquid Crystal Essence
- Key ingredient in Laneige Snow BB cream
- Acts as a moisturizing essence, replenishing the ksin's moisture levels for instant hydration benefits.
-Similar to lipid structure of the skin's natural moisture barrier, thus it helps form an additional barrier on the skin to retain moisture for a longer time.

- Excellent skin-de-pigmentation properties block and prevent melanin formation. Lightens skin tone.

- Anti-inflammatory agent helps to accelerates wound-healing properties, promoting collagen production and increases tissue repair and reconstruction, leading to younger, firmer skin.

So how is the effect after applying on skin?

I am privileged to be the few lucky ones to be given the chance to try out a sample of the latest Laneige Snow BB cream SPF41 PA++ (in Shade No.2 - Natural BB Cream) even before they hit our counters... so here is my humble reviews after trying out for a couple of days..

First of all, let me provide you with the swatch of this BB cream ( Shade 2- Natural BB cream)

After blending onto skin:

It is pretty fair as you can see from the picture.

Swatches of Laneige BB cream with Dr.G Brightening Balm and Revlon Softflex Liquid foundation in Sand Beige for your reference/comparison..

After blending in the BB creams and liquid foundation into skin...

It is the lightest shade out of these 3.. ( By the way, Dr.G's tone is not suitable for me, I find it too dark and it will turn grey when oxidise..just using this as an example to show the difference between dark and light tone BB cream)

Trying Laneige Snow BB Cream on my face...

My skin tone is medium fair ( In term of MAC colour tone, I am a C3 for MAC Studio Fix powder, NC20-NC25 for Studio Fix Liquid Foundation), for these few applications I did not use any concealer prior to applying Laneige Snow BB cream, in order to test its coverage.. I only used a small amount of Laneige Snow BB cream and use a stippling brush to apply the product onto my skin.

Color: Most of times I find that BB cream is either too dark or too light for my skin tone. However, I find this BB cream is quite close to my skin tone,.. so I think its more suitable for fair to medium skin tones.. Its more of a pink-peachy under tone.

Texture: I like that its quite creamy and light-weight, something like tinted moisturiser feel.. it just blend easily onto skin.. I tried to use my fingers to apply Laneige Snow BB cream onto my undereyes and felt that it really glide smoothly on my skin.

Scent: There is a light fragrance to the product and the smell actually will linger for quite a while before it goes off. Luckily its unlike those typical SPF smell, although it contains a rather high UV protection of SPF41 PA++.

Coverage: I find that it does cover my slight redness on my cheeks well, but it did not help to conceal my horrible dark circles though.. It sort of even out my skin tone. After I applied Laneige Snow BB cream onto my skin, it will feel sticky and a little shine.. but once I set it with some loose powder, it gives a smooth and matt finish.

Lasting Effect: It is pretty lasting, I was in the air-con for around 6 hours.. and my makeup stays ..It also did not oxidise much is a picture that I took after I wore Laneige Snow BB cream out for 7 hours..

Overall, I find Laneige Snow BB cream is worth checking out for fair-medium skin tones. I treat it as a foundation and it does provide natural coverage, covering minor imperfections. It does not oxidise much too.. and one plus point is it has got pretty high UV protection of SPF41 PA++, can skip the step of applying sunscreen since its a 3-in-1 product. Think if it can provide a better coverage to my acne scar marks and undereyes dark circles, and comes in fragrance-free formula, it will be really even better...

Laneige Snow BB cream is available islandwide from 16 July 2010 and the retail price is $49.00 ( for 50ml)

Check it out at any Laneige counter from 16 July 2010 onwards.

List of Laneige counters:
Takashimaya                              (Tel: 6733 3442)
Robinsons Raffles City                (Tel: 6338 9077)
Isetan Orchard, Wisma Atria      (Tel: 6738 5138)
Isetan Tampines, Tampines Mall (Tel: 6783 6269)
Isetan Katong, Parkway Parade  (Tel:6346 7932)
Metro Paragon                           (Tel: 6341 9730)
Metro Sengkang                         (Tel: 6338 4341)
Metro Woodlands                       (Tel: 6893 9578)
Metro City Square                      (Tel: 6509 0645)
BHG Bugis                                 (Tel: 6835 9772)
Tangs VivoCity                           (Tel: 6736 9863)

Thank you Laneige Singapore for giving me this opportunity to try out your latest product - Laneige Snow BB cream SPF41 PA++ ('',) You may also wish to check out the sale items of the popular range of Laneige BB Cushion Line 2017. 


Charlotte said...

You look way paler than NC30! What other foundation shades do you use?

I'm NC30-35, ZA 22, Maquillage OC30 and wondering whether the BB cream suits me. :S

Sharon said...

Hi Charlotte,

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Actually I am a MAC C3 for Studio Fix powder to be exact and NC20-25 for Studio Fix Liquid to be exact.. I have been using Mac C3 for the past 10 years... so its really my shade... N in term of powder, I think NC30 is quite close to C3.. However, for MAC studio fix liquid foundation, NC25 seem abit too dark, and NC20 abit I guess I may between NC20-NC25 for its liquid foundation. (just edited this on my entry, in order not to confuse others)

This is how MAC C3 looks on the pan:

and here are some swatches for C3 compared with other foundation..

What other foundation shades I always use: Revlon Colorstay Softflex in Sand Beige (abit dark for my skin), Lancome Maquicake UV powder #50.. Sorry I have not tried ZA foundation before though, but I did a Majolica Majorca Makeover before, and the makeup artist said I should be a ZA21 shade..

I guess ZA21 and ZA22 should not differ much.. since its more towards the fair to medium tone..

I guess to play safe its better to test the color on your face..

By the way, Dr G brightening balm bb cream really cannot not suitable for me, the color is way to grey and dark for my skin tone.

citrella said...

Thanks for sharing :) Really love your reviews.

Sharon said...

Hi Citrella,

Thanks so much for liking my reviews and always taking the efforts and time to leave me a comment, it is really encouraging to receive each and every of your comment(",)

Thanks again!

Have a lovely week ahead!


yz said...

how to use a strippling brush to apply?

Sharon said...

Hi yz,

You can take a look at this youtube video to have a rough idea how to use a stippling brush:

You dont have to use a plastic container, can put the liquid foundation or BB cream at the back of your hand.. then just tap tap all over face, but for me, I did swirl swirl action to blend in the foundation.

Personally I find that I use lesser foundation if I use stippling brush to the coverage is more even.

Hope that helps('',)

Chotskibelle said...

I stumbled upon your blog whilst checking out reviews for BB creams. After reading your post last night, I went and bought the Laneige Snow BB Cream, and am very excited to try it tomorrow! I typically use a Vit C serum and moisturizer before I use BB creams (other brands), and I find that the BB cream slides off my face by the end of the day. The Laneige SA said to just use the BB cream right after toner since it's very moisturizing. Have you tried that before?

Sharon said...

Hi Chotskibelle,

Thank you so much for leaving me a comment.

For me, I seldom use bb cream as I find that the color match is not suitable for me.. However I am surprised that Laneige Snow BB cream is quite compatible to my skin tone for its shade #2.

I treat BB cream as a liquid foundation.. so I use it after my moisturiser. I have not tried it after toner, since I treat it more of a liquid foundation.

My procedure:
Cleanser->toner->eye cream->face serum->moisturiser->BB cream-> loose powder ( ok,I actually skip one important skincare which is sunblock, as I find that Laneige Snow BB cream SPF is rather high)

I did not experience Laneige BB cream sliding off my skin at the end of the day. My skin type is more of combination (normal/dry).

May I know what is your skin type? If yours is oily, maybe you can consider applying a face primer prior to applying foundation so that the makeup can last longer. But for me, Laneige BB cream is pretty long lasting too.

Do try it tomorrow and let me know how you feel about the Laneige Snow BB cream.. Hope it works well for you though.. ('',)

Enjoy your weekend..


Littleraindrops said...

Hi, thanks for sharing ur reviews on Laneige BB cream. :D It's really helpful since I am thinking of getting this product.
I am actually reluctant to try on any BB creams that are currently in the market as I think it's too oily for my skin.
Does it help in oil control? Does it oxidise easily after half day of applying? Did you have any breakouts after applying?
Thanks a lot. =P

Sharon said...

Hi littleraindrops,

thank you so much for finding my review useful.

Well as I have combination(normal/dry), sensitive + acne prone skin, this laneige snow bb cream did not give me any breakouts. Oil control is pretty good because my makeup last and do not oxidize, my makeup still stay even after 6 hours later.

But we may have different skin type n skin tone, maybe you can drop by the counter to request for a sample, or try it on your face and see how it feel/look on your skin. Do test it out before you purchase the full size, to play safe.. The full size is quite a big tube at 50ml.

Hope it helps.

Have a great weekend


Chotskibelle said...

Hi Sharon,

Tried the Laneige Snow BB Cream today, and I love it! I think I figured out why previous BB creams slide off for me at the end of the day... I think it's my Vit C serum which contains dimethicone. Anyway, I tried using the Laneige BB Cream right after toner and another anti-ageing serum which doesn't contain dimethicone and it stayed on all day (even after walking through Chinatown the whole day today), with a light dusting of MAC MSF Natural. Pretty impressive! I'll just use my Body Shop Vit C Skin Boost at night then, which by the way, is also an impressive product. Been using it for more than 3 months, and have been receiving compliments that my skin looks fresher and younger (I'm 36, so that means A LOT).

I like the fact that the Laneige BB Cream is moisturizing, doesn't oxidize and has SPF. I'm all for makeup with skincare benefits. I've tried BB Creams from L'egere, Lioele and Etude, and so far am liking Laneige's. Thanks for the review!

Sharon said...

Hi Chotskibelle,

So glad and happy to hear that you like Laneige Snow BB cream..

I am not young either!! ('',)The BodyShop Vit C serum sounds promising, I am going to check it out at BodyShop .. Is this the product you are using:

This Bodyshop product called Vit C Plus Time Release Capsules also looks good:

You tried before?

Thanks once again for supporting my blog('',)

Chotskibelle said...

Hi Sharon,

Yup! That's the one that I have been using. Was using Estee Lauder for at least a year - the Advance Night Repair Serum for night and Perfectionist Serum for day, on top of the basic Estee Lauder skincare. Didn't see much difference. I read somewhere that Vitamin E and C are good for the skin, so I thought I'd give the Vitamin E range from Body Shop a try..

Since late last year, I've been using the following products from Body Shop:
Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (I double cleanse my makeup every night) >> Vitamin E Gentle Facial Wash >> Vitamin E Hydrating Toner >> Vitamin C Skin Boost (I only started using this early this year) >> Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream. Once a week, I use the Lierac Night Peel. I was quite surprised that this combo evened out my skin tone and lightened my freckles, considering that I was using the Estee Lauder range for so long (and spent so much money!).

I hope that was helpful.. (",)


Chotskibelle said...

Oops, forgot to answer your question regarding the Vit C Plus Time Release Capsules. I've never tried that one before. I think simply because I think it might be a bit of a hassle using it. If you're giving that a try, let me know how it goes... :)


Sharon said...

Hi Chotskibelle,

WOW.. I can see that you are a fan of The Body Shop products.. Glad to know that you have found a range of products which you like and give you visible results.. I shall take a look at the Vit C and E products which you recommended next time I pass by The Body Shop.. Thanks for your recommendations and sharing with me your daily skincare regime. ('',)

Have a great week ahead!

BabyAdore said...

I am glad I found your review for this one. Thank you!

Delirio Sensorial said...

Hi =)
I love your posts ^^.
Ive been using this bb cream too for a couple of months and its really good ^^ I like it alot....
I was searching though the bb creams ingredients/components and I can't find them.. in the box, brochure, or even in the laneige website I can't find the information.. I really need to know all the components because some cream components are forbidden in my country and actually im a little worried about the possibility of bb cream having components that may give skin cancer (many whitening products have them, some people said that studies show that arbutin its also bad T_T ....) ...
please help me if you can I will thank you alot =)
also do you know the ingredients of brtc bb creams? dr jart? or skin79? ...

thank u very much!
take care and have a good day

my email:

Rin 。 said...

I had a bad review on the sample they gave me, its shade #2. My face look quite fake after apply.

But the SA said I should be using shade #1 due to my fairer skin. And she was right! :D Great for an anti-foundation girls like me.

Recommendation: 4/5

Ting said...

where can I get sample of Laneige Snow BB Cream?

wengie said...

Hmm, I'm also C3 with the studio fix powder but NC 25 Studio Fix foundation is waay to dark for me. I use NC 20 for the Select foundation. So... Is no. 2 better or no. 1 better for me? Thanks. :)

Sharon said...

Hi Wengie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

We seem to have the same skin tone. C3 was the perfect shade for my yellow skin for Studio fix 2-way cake. Yes, NC25 liquid foundation is on the dark side for me, and NC20 would suit me much better compared to NC25.

Oh well, so far I only tried Shade No.2, the sample that was provided for me to try.. so I have no idea the exact shade for no.1, I guess its more sheer than No.2.

I would suggest you to drop by any Laneige counters and request for a sample to try on your face and see which shade suit you better, to play safe. (For Liquid foundation/Bb cream, it is best to try on our own skin and see how the color match our skin before we purchased the full size..just in case the color does not match us, then we wont have to waste a full size product)

At least you should do swatch on your jawline.

Hope that helps.


Nel said...

Hi, i am currently using Dr Jart bb cream (silver). I am looking for a new type of bb cream until i came across your blog.
I have sensitive skin and it is important that the bb cream i use do not clog pores. How can you comment on this regarding Laneige bb cream?
Also, have you tried Dior snow bb cream SPF 50++?
Really hope to hear your expertise comments soon!

Sharon said...

Hi Nel,

Laneige Snow BB cream is ok for me, it does not clog my pores. Actually the pores clogging can also be caused by improper cleansing. Always makeup sure you double cleanse whatever your makeup you are wearing (be it bb cream, liquid foundation, 2 way cake or even just sunblock) Improper cleansing is one of the culprits to clog pores I find.

I have not tried Dior Snow BB cream before though, so I cannot comment on that.

But one thing I would recommend you when you are looking for bb cream is always try out the shade of the bb cream, because normally bb cream only comes in very limited shades. Mostly just one shade fits all, or at most up to 3 shades. There are bb creams which super fair shades and super dark tones, so best is to find the bb cream that suit your skin tone perfectly.

As different people react to different cosmetics, I would also suggest that you get a sample or a deluxe size of the bb cream that you are interested before investing in the full size product. I always find it a waste if one do not like the product after 1 use on her/his whole face after trying on a whole day.

Especially when you have sensitive, it is strongly encouraged to go to the counter to pick up a sample to try on your face, at least you will know if you like the texture, lasting power and whether your skin reacts to the product.

But Laneige Snow BB cream SPF41 is not bad, if you are medium fair tone, Laneige do provide a sachet of sample for this bb cream for customers to try out.

Hope the above information helps.

Thanks for leaving me a comment, hope to see you around..

Have a great week ahead!