Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aunt XiuZhen's Rebonding Vs YingYing's Rebonding

Recently I went to yingying for rebonding.. and I found her to be rather fierce, not the friendly or chatty type which some cotters mention.. maybe that day her mood not good !

I have been to Aunt Xiuzhen around 2-3 years back, so here are my humble personal reviews of the 2 home-makers- rebonding..

By the way, my hair was below bra-length on both occassions.

Aunt Xiuzhen's rebonding

Price: $60 ( that was the price 2-3 years ago, dont know if got any increment)

Ease Of booking Appointment: I cannot actually remember but I know like have to wait like 3 weeks , got to wait for sure!

Accessibility: Its in Jurong side, I know once I reach Boon Lay mrt, I still got to change feeder bus..

Environment: Its pretty cozy in an air-con room, there were sofa and chairs and many magazines available, then at the front section of the room, its a chair with a big mirror ( something like the saloon chair/mirror) There were many other customers in the same room, and most of the them were waiting for their turns, or hair having cream .., I still remember I chatted with one of the girls there.

How I find Aunt Xiuzhen: She is very chatty and friendly... at least she entertained me when she was doing my hair.. I still remember she told me she will wake up early in the morning for morning jogs...

Process of rebonding: After she applied the cream, she asked me to sit at the sofa, while she did on the next customers.. I was afraid she might not keep track of the time, resulting in under/over processed. Then once she finishing straightening another customer, she would check on my hair to see if its ready for washing, before bringing me to the washing area to wash my hair. while waiting, I would be sitting at the sofa, because she got a few other customers.. she basically make use of the waiting time in customer's A to utilise on the customer B. Meaning, while customer B's hair is waiting for the straightening cream to take effect, it may be customer C's turn to apply the 1st cream on her hair..

Washing Area: Aunt Xiuzhen actually got a DIY saloon-style chair.. as in I can sit and tilt my head, with my face facing the ceiling, while she rinsed my hair..

Drying of hair: because Aunt Xiuzhen was too busy with so many customers, at times she would pass me a hair dryer and I blow dry my hair.. ok, its not too hard to blow dry my hair since I am doing it almost everyday. ( she is really very busy even on weekdays)At the ending part, I remember Aunt Xiuzhen blow dried my hair, but at the same time she also passed me another hair dryer so that I can blow dry another side, will be faster with 2 dryers.

Treatment: When I asked her about doing treatment, she said dont have to..

Hard Selling of Products: ZERO! I think Aunt Xiuzhen got no products to sell to us in the 1st place.. So totally no hard selling!

Effect: Maybe I did not highlight to her that I dont want too flat hair, the result was abit flat initial but after a few weeks, it return to normal.. Normally we would be told that we need to wait 3 days before we can wash our hair after our rebonding session, but Aunt Xiuzhen do not believe in this theory.. she said can wash our hair the next day.

Lasting effect: Its had been quite some time, I cannot really remember, should have more than 6 months.

YingYing's rebonding

Price: $75 ( if above bra-length, it should be $65)

Ease Of booking Appointment: Quite easy, like the next week slot.. I think she only do like 4 customers in a day, around 3 hours per customer.

Accessibility: Its in Yishun, just like 3 mins walk from Yishun MRT.

Environment: Its very peaceful in her quite empty kitchen. There was a big paper ( which consisted of 4 pieces of mahjong papers) on the floor. Then there was a chair and in front of it, a long narrow mirror placed vertical against the wall, just nice can see myself from top to bottom in the mirror. There was a basin just besides me, so she can wash the bowls and stuffs right after she finished applying the cream.

How I find Yingying: She is quite fierce... Not really chatty as mentioned by other cotters. I dont find her friendly... She did not entertain me when she was doing my hair, most of the time, she was saying how dry my hair was.. and must considered to get a good shampoo and conditioner, and a very good mask! then keep on telling me how good the mask was.

Process of rebonding: This is very different from Aunt Xiuzhen's rebonding process. Because Yingying did everything by in she will blow dry my hair, and I just sit in the same position in the 2.5 hours, except getting up to wash my hair.

Washing Area: I got to stand and bend my body down ( like 90degree) so that she can wash my hair... I would advise people who are going to wear shorts.. not jeans, because your jeans would get wet, since you are standing when your hair is being washed. I got my feet and lower legs wet, so you can imagine how wet your jeans will be if you cannot fold up your jeans.

Drying of hair: Yingying blow dried my hair twice, I do not need to take the hair dryer to blow dry my hair likw what I did at Aunt Xiuzhen's place.

Treatment: She stressed the importance of treatment, especially how good her mask is.. she said she would let me try the mask ( that was the treatment) and she applied some onto my hair before the final rinse.. I did not smell any very nice smell as mentioned by cotters.. After blowing my hair, she said that was how the effect of a good mask should be.... What the hell! The slight glossy effect should be due to the rebonding effect.... ! And by the way, I went to search the mask, and I realised the mask was china-made. And yeah, she kept stressing her products were all professional grade.

Hard Selling of Products: She did that the moment I sat down on the chair...maybe my hair was really in a very bad state, so she took the chance to hard sell...

Effect: It was quite natural i should say, not too flat type. She did straighten my hair with the straightener after drying my hair. Maybe it was still wavy!  But she asked me do not anyhow touch my hair, or else it will be wavy .. If her rebonding is good, cant I just touch my hair.. will touching make my rebonding all gone??

Lasting effect: Not too sure if it will be lasting... but heard that Aunt Xiuzhen's rebonding is more lasting as compared to Yingying's.

Well, I dont think I will want to spend money to someone fierce and kept asking me to buy her products.

Update: ( 16 Mar 2010): Just barely 2 months after I rebonded my hair at Yingying's house, my soft rebonding effect is gone.. its really not lasting compared to other rebonding sessions I had done in the past few years. 

Next time, I think I will go to Jean Yip City Square to do rebonding since its less than SG$100 ( though they also will try to sell their spa treatment..but not the hard sell type, plus they wont criticize the condition of my hair). I wont have to see a fierce face for 2-3 hours.


Kitkat said...

Wow the comparison is pretty detail. Try out more saloon so you can benefit all the girls out there where to perform rebonding for their hair :P

Sharon said...

Hi Kitkat,

Thank you for your comment and dropping by my blog.

In the past 9 years, I have tried like 7-8 times rebonding since I rebond my hair almost once a year. Think the best one should be my very first rebonding at Kimage in 2001 as it was done on virgin hair.. the result was really straight, sleek, silky and glossy finish.. ever since that, all the rebonding sessions' results not that good though.. The rest of my sessions were done in saloon, only did rebonding at home saloon twice, so I just share my own personal experiences on these 2 home maker-rebonding since they were much discussed on forum.

Thai Ching said...

Hi Sharon,
I am planning to do soft hair rebonding in singapore and I am looking for a saloon that uses good product, natural looking rebonding effect and something that will last. I see that you have tried a lot of rebonding in different saloons.
I was about to try ying ying till I read about your review about her on internet. :P very good review comparison.
Would really appreciate if you can recommend me one or two good saloons which doesn't cost a bomb?
Thanks a lot. hope to hear from you soon.


Sharon said...

Hi Ching

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Actuallly Kimage is good but it's too expensive, like over 200+ , I had also did rebonding at Chapter 2 during the 50% birthday rebate month coz I am a member.. I think for soft rebonding some saloons will just use blow dry method to replace the straightening procedure.. Effect may nit be so straight..

Sometimes I think you can request for rebonding and tell the stylist that you don't want too flat, then they may just straighten like 2cm away from the hair roots so it won't be too flat effect.

I had tried ulu saloon at concourse at 150 like 7 years back( I was just walking around n saw many people do ... Then I went in) the stylist recommended me do what I've rebonding ( ya, this is what stylist also say if they want to physco u to pay for a higher price rebonding with a fancy name like ice rebonding n they will also stressed that our hair too dry or got coloured before) I also done at swee salon hougang, chapter 2 twice since I got the member card so more worth coz it's not cheap either at 199,ying ying n aunt xiuzhen ( although both of them are cheap, it does not make me wanna go again, aunt xiuzhen's rebonding makes my hair too flat, whereas Yingying kept stressing my hair too dry throughout n kept hard selling her so called professional hair mask which like made in china, n also done an ulu hair saloon at jb, n at Jean yip at city square jb.. Wow.. These are all that I can remeber, maybe there is 1 or 2 that I missed out..

But recently I recommended my friend and accompany her to city square jb to do soft rebonding which uses the straightened n she was quite satisfied with the results.. Her hair length is about my hair length( touching the back of the bra strap) n she paid rm220 which is around sg$96 and comes with 14 days guarantee.. ( chapter 2 also offer 2 weeks guarantee) N one more thing I realise is a good rebonding procedure will leave out straightening After blow drying.. If after blow drying what u see is what u get when u wash out at home, no point straightening again to create false illusion of so straight hair..

I do not have any good saloon in Singapore to recommend which is cheap n good to recommend since I did not personally visit alot of them
to share with you my real experience..

But please do not go to a saloon which offers $2.80 hair cut n do rebonding at $40+ ( think that is called snap or snip avenue) something like that saloons which Singapore got alot .. Because that one I had read many horror stories about their effect being fried!!

If jb is not too out of the way, u can try there,it's just across the new jb customs n the rebonding takes around 2.5 hours.. Or maybe you would like to read up forums to see what others recommended..

Sorry to have type so much.. But hope some of the info helps.


steve said...

Very detail of your comment. I think your comment is very fair to both of them. There is many home salon talk about in the forum. I'm still very doubt about those people comment in the forum is true or not? But your experience really a good comparison. I find one home salon in cozycot forum look like very have proper website, portfolios look good, some good and some bad review, 7days garranty for good services assured, but a bit expensive compare to xinzen and Ying Ying. Have you try it before, or any of your frens? oh's call winn's home salon,

Sharon said...

Hi Steve

Thanks for taking time to leave me a comment.

Ya, many home based salons these days.. I guess some should be good just that I have yet to encounter one.

The winn salon that you recommended seem professional.. with a nice And well structured website.

I sms-ed to check the price earlier n for my hair length cost $120-$130 for shiseido soft rebonding, think price on the high side ( for a home based salon)

If there is opportunity for me to try rebonding at winn salon, i will definitely review here. I don't think my friends tried it too..

Have a great day!


garfieldpal said...

Hi! have you tried Jean Yip City Square for rebonding yet ? Does it really cost below S$100 ? thks!

Sharon said...

Hi Garfieldpal

thank you for dropping by my blog..

Ya, I hv tried rebonding at Jean Yip City Square, and recommended my friend over.. It's about RM218-228 for my long hair (Length ard middle of back) ,which works out to be ard sg$91, less than Sg$100.. But they will ask if u want add better treatment which will be rm300+, of course u can just choose the normal soft rebonding at rm218-228, depending on hair length.

Hope it helps.