Monday, July 25, 2011

Review: Freshkon Colors Fusion Sparklers Style - Brilliant Brown

I have tried Freshkon Alluring Eyes and Mosaic series, and now its my first time trying Freshkon Colors Fusion cosmetic lenses...There are many nice and unique colors in the Sparklers and Dazzlers styles, and I chose a brown shade (Brilliant Brown) from the Sparklers series.. Brown colored contact lenses on brown colored eyes, how will it look like?

More about Freshkon Colors Fusion Cosmetic Lenses...

Freshkon Colors Fusion Sparklers in Brilliant Brown

Freshkon Colors Fusion cosmetic lenses are specially designed for wearers to enjoy superior comfort with the unique lens pattern and custom colors blend for that radiant, sparkling eyes effect. Comes in 2 series - Sparklers and Dazzlers. The wonderful new Sparklers series offers radiant, sparkling style while the original 'Dazzlers' series gives you a dazzling and vivacious look.


Sparkling, Vivacious Look
• Well defined ring pattern for radiant, sparkling lens effect
• Unique lens pattern, for more depth and brilliance

Superior Comfort
• Hydrophilic surface for comfortable wear
• 55% water content for optimal comfort
• Easy to wear with no curling lens problem

Excellent vision
• Large optical zone for clear vision
• Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D

2 pieces ( 1 pair) per box

Colors Available 
13 unique and attractive colors that help match one’s eye color to one’s mood, outfit and lifestyle.

Two hot NEW colors, from the Sparklers range, Blooming Pink and Glinting Brown will be available from August 2011.

$ 25 per box

Trying them on...

Before wearing contact lens..

After putting it on...

More pictures...

A comparison of Freshkon Mosaic Charming Brown and Freshkon Colors Fusion Sparklers Brilliant Brown

Freshkon Colors Fusion Sparklers in Brilliant Brown has an organish-brown unique pattern, with a well defined dark brown ring effect framed in a thin black border. These lenses are pretty soft and thin but easy to wear and remove. Most of all, my eyes feel very comfortable when I am wearing them, even after more than 8 hours. I am glad that I did not experience any dryness or itchiness during wear.

I find that they look pretty natural on my brown eyes under natural lighting, not really a drastic transformation..maybe because I have brown eyes but they does add some radiance (thanks to the well-defined dark brown ring effect!) and gives a bit of enlarging effect to my eyes.

So what is the difference between the Sparklers and Dazzling range?
I have not tried the Dazzling range though. From the images, it appear to me that the sparklers colors seem to have a dark-toned border on the lens' design giving it 3-shades effect, whereas the dazzling colors seem to give a 2-toned effect.(but I may be wrong, since its just my guess based on the pictures.)

Update: Yes, I made a wrong guess.. Dazzlers range is also 3-toned! How cool is that!

However, the variety of vibrant colours allows one to showcase different moods and can be fashionably worn to create a fun and unique style to match any occasion.

There's a perfect color to match one’s lifestyle, mood and outfit! Match your Life with FreshKon® Colors Fusion Cosmetics Lenses!

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For more information and latest promotions, check out Freshkon website and Freshkon Singapore Facebook.

Thanks Freshkon Singapore for giving me this opportunity to try out these lovely cosmetic lenses from Colors Fusion Sparklers range.


Jacqueline said...

Those look very pretty on you.

Sharon said...

Thanks Jacqueline for your lovely comment! ('',)