Friday, December 12, 2008

Penang laksa

this is my favourite penang laksa.. but I have to travel to Johor Bahru to eat it... its really a nice bowl of penang laksa with generous servings of fish.. very nice soup too..however the noodles is not our thick bee hoon.. its similar to our mee tai mak but longer version.. but its nice!! They also served very nice and thick teh..

Find this delicious penang laksa at the basement of city square.. its called "House of laksa" they sell other type of laksa too, but i never tried because I just ordered penang laksa whenever I dine there.. sometimes I really purposely travel into JB just to eat this bowl of penang laksa... Yummy Yummy..Must try for penang laksa... I know penang laksa taste better in penang.. but Penang is too far!

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