Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Love Matters and Underworld (30th Jan 2009)

Love Matters:
- At first we did not meant to watch this movie.. as we already bought tickets for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Sneak Preview at our favourite cinema GV Max.. and it was only 9pm when my dear came to fetch me ... and as we were at Lido.. we went to watch.. Plus sometimes stupid Lido only got credit card promotion with those ulu credit card companies like RBS and Amex .. and we ended up paying the full price for the tickets!! A whopping $9.50 per ticket. ( Too bad, I did not bring out my NTUC link card, or else I can go Cheers buy shaw movie tickets at $7.10..what a big difference.. anyway, I seldom go Lido to watch movies.. most of the times its GV max..) It is really not very nice..although some parts quite funny... it did not make me tear though... I still dont know if that guy is really dreaming or the incident really happened?? no wonder straits times only gave it 2 out of 5 stars. think I will give it a 4 out of 10. Really not worth watching for weekend price.

After watching Love Matters at Lido, we proceed to Vivo City.. still got time to buy drink, popcorn and nacho.. happy! ( actually we seldom buy so many things.. but got discount coupon, all 3 items for $9...oppss.. next time I will buy sweet popcorn so that my dear will be eating those salted ones.. actually for me I am fine with both sweet and salted ones...:)
Opps, back to the movie... I find this so-so , not really thrilling.. a battle between the wolves and the vampires ( but one vampire fell in love with the wolf and she was punished = death under the sun) .. there should be part 3 for this movie because that vampire leader did not die in the end.... would give it 7 out of 10...how come there is never ending stories for this type of movie..
Overall, Underworld is much better and more worth it to watch than Love matters.. For Love Matters, think wait for the VCD and watch with family so that you will find it more worth it... $19 is definitely bo hua for watch love matters at the cinema....
Up next I will want to watch the curious case of benjamin button by brad Pitt.. the first few seconds when I saw the advertisement, I thought what cheam cheam story again because I saw a very old ugly child..and i was thinking to myself I wont want to watch this type of movie.. until I saw how the movie developed.. the old ugly child eventually turned into a handsome young chap - Brad Pitt... haha.. reserve process of ageing... I want to watch, at least got to watch shuai ge... haha

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