Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Collected My Nivea For Men Prizes

Went to SPH news centre to collect my prizes: I really got alot of Nivea Men deodorant and anti-perspirant in the bag .. If only I have won a bag of Nivea shower cream will be more useful for me.. Now I am STUCK with so many of these bottles..

13 bottles/tubes... FAINTZ!

And realise that these deodorant come in different range for different lifestyle needs..

Dry Impact:
For men who want reliable anti-perspiration with dry skin feeling

Fresh Active:
For men who want long-lasting freshness

Cool Kick:
For men who want a cool kick of invigorating freshness

For men with an active lifestyle who want revitalizing freshness

Silver Protect (new!):
latest edge in deodorant protection, first 24h anti-bacterial anti perspirant with silver ions.

haha.. even got so many range for the men to choose.. I thought only foundations got different formulas.. even a men's deodorant also come in so many formulas.. haha...

If all these 13 bottles/tubes are shower cream/gel/foam. at least I can use.. if any one of you out there are interested in these deodorant/anti-perspirant for your hubby/SO/boyfriend.. do let me know.. ('',)

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