Monday, March 23, 2009

Eng Seng Crabs & Own Town Coffee

21st march 2009, I almost forgot to help Sulynn buy mango cake for Ash.. haha.. luckily I remember and bought a mango cake from polar cakes.. But i still think sixth ave one has one of the best mango cake ...

I had heard raves about this Eng Seng pepper crabs at Still Road/Joo Chiat Place and this was my first time trying.. When we reached there around 6.45pm, it was already full house and there were a few people waiting infront of us.. but we just waited for around 10mins, before we were led to a big table for the 9 of us... ( we had actually called up in advance to order 2 big crabs, just in case they dont have any more crabs when we reached)

Sambal Kangkong, Mee Goreng, Rojak .. the mee goreng is spicy and quite nice .. the rojak we ordered from another stall while waiting for the rest to arrive. and also had pork ribs not shown in this picture.

this is the plate of the famous pepper crab ( we ordered an extra crab for this, 1 kg + and a smaller crabs because we afraid the 2 big crabs may not be enough for the 9 of us) Ok , after eating this pepper crabs, I just find that its over-rated.. I dont find any thing special about this famous pepper crabs.the pincers of the bigger crab were very huge, bigger than the size of my hand.

we also tried the chilli crabs.. but its not nice.. just average.. but the pepper crabs is much nicer than its chilli crabs.. many other places serve much better chilli crabs than this... This crab stall also dont serve fried mantous or bread..but the coffee stall sell bread.. those gardenia bread.. we bought a plate which consisted of 4 slices for $1.

The food were not enough for us, so we added a plate of ku lu rou, and a plate of kai lan with mushroom.. the ku lu rou was surprisingly very hot and nice.. but my hands were dirty so did not take out my camera to snap pictures of these 2 dishes.

The bill came to a total $195..and the bill also include 7% GST.. even an old kopitiam like this need us to pay GST..their business must be very very good..

My personal review, I dont find the crabs that fantastic.. i much prefer Ang Mo Kio or Seafood paradise's crabs..their chilli crabs certainly not worth... and there were 2 cats running around, and I had to put up my legs .... i wont recommend my friends there for crabs lor..

After our meals at Eng Seng .. we drove up to East Coast Park, Old Town Cafe for coffee and cut birthday cake.. Old Town brown kaya bread as shown below is quite nice.. quite different from Ya Kun's bread.. they even sell boxes of coffee pre-mix at their shops.. we ordered other things like tuna sandwiches, garlic bread, 4 servings of the brown bread.. think we were still hungry.. haha....

It was a great evening.. and I had fun ..too bad I had to go watch movie with my dear or else I would have join them to post party at jeff's place...

happy Birthday Ashley!!

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