Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eye Massage Steps / Dark Circles

I saw this online.. and I wonder if it helps so I save the picture for my reference.

actually all along, I know eye massage is quite important as it helps to improve blood circulation.. even doing eye treatments at salons also will involve eye massage and the use of equipments. Despite knowing this fact, I am still lazy to do eye massage everyday.. That is really bad of me..

Last time I learnt a couple of eye massage when I was taking my ITEC beauty diploma course, like those figure 8, tapping.. I think I forgotten all.. have to take the notes out to refresh..

haha, I just took a picture of the section that takes about dark under-eye circles from my text book - Aesthetics for the therapist by Ann Hagman:

Somewhere in the middle, it states an under-eye cream containing lanolin and almond is ideal.

Think one of the simple and inexpensive cures should be ... SLEEP EARLY! haha..

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