Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Basil

17th April 2009 - We celebrated Sulynn & George birthday at Blue Basil.. that was all our 1st time dining there.. I had difficulties finding the place .. it was actually behind Paragon, near to CTE Cairnhill Entrance ERP Gantry... if driving to Orchard, and want to avoid the ERP, one would turn into Scotts Road.. and its just somewhere near the right turn into Scotts Road. Its a stretch of shop houses, condos etc..


This is how it look like from the main road. (haha, what is mike pointing at??.. i was the last to reach and mike and ash came out to find me)
Think I was late for like 30mins, and they had already started eating the appetisers like garlic bread, mushrooms, but they left for me to try... so I did not manage to take pictures of the appetisers.

This is what I eat: Red Snapper, Corn on the cob, and blue basil pilaf ( the rice) with blue basil pesto .. You actually choose the main food that you want either fish, prawns, chicken, lamb, steak etc .. then there is a page for you to choose your vegetables , Starch ( like potato or rice) and your preferred sauce.. so basically we have the freedom to choose what we want on our plate.
These are what some of us ate:

Food: Not bad, quite average but the portions are all too small ( think we were all looking forward to the birthday cake when we finished our main course)..
Ambience: the ambience is nice, because only like less than 8 tables in the shop.. think our tables were using a few tables combined. Quite Quiet also, think we were pretty noisy there .. all the rest of the tables were occupied, but they did not make any noise...This is how the counter look like.. the lighting in the restaurant is pretty dim..

Price: Its quite expensive for the portion served. We were all not full.. The bill came out to around $270 for the 10 of us. There is actually a small buffet with like 8 types of food and 2 desserts for $24.90+++ per head, but we chose ala carta. Think given a choice, we would try the buffet instead. There was no credit card promotion though. But heard there is credit card promotion on weekday Mon - Thurs.
Service: As I was late for 30mins, I also need to wait 20 more mins before they served up all our food at one go... It took pretty long time for them to cook our food... however, the staff were quite attentive and friendly..they kept refilling our cold water.

Location: 56 Cairnhill Road

For western food, I still think pinch of salt cafe is better, in term of food, price...Blue basil's serving is too small.. Swensons's serving is bigger lor. Can try blue basil if you want a quiet place to dine.. somewhere ulu.. and when you are not very hungry.

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