Saturday, May 30, 2009

I had filled up my Fancl Cleansing Oil Bottle!

After 7 days of watering, giving food and love.. I had managed to grow all the seeds and harvested the plants..

Initially I thought upon filling the whole bottle to 100% full.. there should be a message popping out that says: " Congratulations.. You have won yourself..a _ ml of Fancl cleansing Oil" but this is not how the game works...

I think all of us who had managed to fill up our bottles will go through a draw.. and then they will announce the winners after 11th June 2009. The prizes will include 20ml, 60 and 120ml of Fancl Cleansing Oil.. so its not 100% chance of winning a bottle of Fancl Cleansing Oil...

Closing date of the game is on 10th June 2009. Which mean by 10th June 2009, you have to fill up the bottle... minus away 7 days to plant and harvest the plants.. think the last day to join the game is on 2nd/3rd June 2009.

More contest details can be found on

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