Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Small Collection Of Skincare Products

Click on picture to enlarge.

Just now I gathered my skincare products at one place, and took a picture of them.. I did not include my sample size products and many bottles of eye makeup removers in this photo-taking session though.

Actually before I joined Cozycot, I already quite into skincare products, but after joining Cozycot.. it got worst.. because there are poisons in every thread.. and it just create my lemmings.. last time I only have a tube of Kose white mask ( Opps I forgot to include my beloved Kose White mask in this photo) but now I have a few types of masks.. ( opps, think I also forgot my NRWZD highly raved red wine mask) but currently I dont go into the mask thread, so I dont create unnecessary lemmings for myself... I will try to finish up all my existing masks before buying more.. haha

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