Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oreo from Korea & DIY Popcorns!

I had been snacking alot these days.. think the condition of my skin will show all ... I had been having super serious breakouts recently, like over 10 pimples popping out..( think heaty food + that day of the month coming that made my skin so worst!! think the MOST MOST WORST SKIN I have in these few years) Think I consumed 80% of the box of 500g Oreo cereals.. and at least 70% of the big bag of DIY popcorns in just a few days.. ( Sometimes I wonder why I cannot control my mouth!!!!)

These popcorns quite nice.. next time I am going to try honey/caramel flavour... this one taste like the salted popcorns that GV is selling.

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