Tuesday, August 25, 2009


21 Aug 2009 ( Friday) .. last minute, Sulynn caled me and informed me that Mike got extra tickets for Up and asked her and me to go watch with his girlfriend at Cathay Ang Mo Kio Hub.. The tickets cost $13 ( for 3d) so mike dont want to waste... haha.. anyway, there was really nothing special about watching the movie in 3d. think more than half the time, I took away my 3d spectacles so that I can watch better and more comforably.. A light hearted movie involving the adventures of an old man (Carl) and a young cute boy ( Russell) A colorful cartoon I would show.. Haha, A floating house with a whole bunch of colorful balloon landed in the wilds... Not too bad, but not those cartoons that will make me cry.. hehe...

Think $13 is not worth paying for the 3D effect.. it did not seem to have too much difference watching it with or without the special spectacles.. just that the bird may appear more vibrant colors, and the characters like some 3D effect if watch carefully.. but really not much of the difference.

Thereafter, went to Ah Mei cafe to have teh tarik, roti prata and nasi bryani.. finally tried the roti prata that Sulynn raving about.. their pratas really quite nice, the crispy type.. Sulynn said that not all Ah Mei cafes's pratas are nice though.. but Ang Mo Kio Hub's one is one of the better ones...

Then went over to YuHui's place to play 2 rounds of mj.. ( first time playing at her place and won some money)... ('',)

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