Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lovely treats from Avalon and fr3b!

Avalon American Ginseng Slice With Honey:
- Enhances overall wellbeing
- Replenishes energy
- Relieves tiredness
- Nourishes lungs to safeguard against cough
- Promotes beauty and maintain youthful looks
- Improves concentration
( Retail Price: SG$68.80)

Avalon Probiotic Detox Pills
- Promotes health gastro-intestinal system
- May assist in clearing waste
- Promotes bowel regularity
- Balances the intestinal flora
- May sooth discomfort tummy
- Improves facial complexion
- Helps breakdown fat deposits
( Retail Price: SG$99)

Personally I really like Avalon Probiotic Detox pills as I find it helps in my constipation problems.. Unlike regular detox tea which will give those diarrhoea effect, this Avalon Probiotic Detox Pills wont.

Thanks Avalon and fr3b for these health products!

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