Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Xing Chen Pork Ribs Soup At Vivo City Food Court

It was Alan and Karine 's daughter 1st month celebration. ( so fast, their baby 1st month old already) We went over to his place for buffet in the afternoon before going down to Vivo City in the evening.

Last Sunday, before we went to watch 2012, we had dinner at Vivo City Food Court.. ( We wanted to try Jpot but it was fully booked again, then we tried the Steamboat buffet besides Daiso,also full house..)

Anyway, we tried this Xing Chen Pork Ribs Soup and was disappointed .. The main dish which was the pork ribs soup was not impressive, considering that it cost $7.50 for such a small bowl ( we actually ordered the premium pork ribs, the normal one cost $6..but the pork ribs like look small to me too), we did not even ask for extra soup! The braised peanuts were ok, even the barley drink also not homemade, its made using barley syrup..

I much prefer Balestier pork ribs soup to this ... This one just cannot make it in my own opinion. This will be my first and last time eating pork ribs soup from this stall. The total bill came up to $16.20 ( still got GST), for a bowl of pork ribs, 3 small side dishes, 2 bowls of rice, and a cup of barley drink made from syrup. I think there are better choices at the food court!

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