Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pine Garden Cakes

^ from left: Baileys, Lychee martini, Tiramisu, Orange Zest

Went to Cheng San Market for the teochew porridge/rice with my mum and brother.. then thereafter we walked over to Pine Garden.. During Wendy's birthday, Weilin went to buy a lychee martini cake and it was then that I came to know the existence of a cake shop called Pine Garden which sells Lychee Martini cakes..

We got a slice of lychee martini, Baileys, orange zest and tiramisu each.. their individual slice of cakes start from $2.40 .. $3+, these 4 pieces cost $10.20.. ( at least dont have to buy 4 whole cakes to try 4 different flavours)

The whole lychee martini ( small) cost $23 ( if I see correctly, the shop was about to close when we were there, so did not really browse through all their items).. so buying individual slice is almost the same price as buying the whole cake..

Update: I did not try the tiramisu coz my brother ate it, ...I tried the other 3..the orange zest is my favourite, coz it contains the least amount of cream.. and the mix of orange and chocolate is not too bad... I just like cakes that are not creamy...

Pine Garden is located at:

Blk 529
Ang Mo Kio Ave 10,
#01-2369/ 2329
Tel: 64595507
website; http://www.pgcake.com/

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