Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Singapore's Anti-Drink Drive Campaign 2009 .. Don't Drive To Drink

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Credit: Channel NewAsia, 21 Dec 2009

Christmas and New Year are just around the corners.. and with the launch of this year anti-drink drive campaign, please beware that roadblocks will be everywhere.. ( but sometimes I wonder why the roadblocks are only at the few areas which people know, maybe they should set up roadblocks at areas where people do not know.. or best still, set up roadblocks directly infront of Zouk and St James.. Confirm no one would dare to drive when they see the police, then they will have no choice but to opt for the in-house valet services... Mission accomplished!)

Of course drinking with friends on these special occassions will be so much fun ..but dont drive to drink ... Take a taxi if possible.. dont let hours of fun/drinks end up with years of regret.. Dont let your hard earned licenses go down the drain.. And also think of the amount that you need to spend to re-take all your licenses..

Have tons of fun partying these festive seasons.. give your cars a break, and take public transport if you know you are going to drink...

Cheers to all! ('',)

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