Sunday, December 27, 2009

Summer Breeze At Pasir Ris Park

27 Dec 2009, around 1am ,we went to Summer Breeze at Pasir Ris Park ( Somewhere near the ex- fisherman village)

It had been quite some times since I came here, because there was at one point of time, that they demolished the whole stretch of cafes and Fisherman Village..

^ our drinks came first... just half pint of Hoegaarden each..

then the fries arrived.. but the sotong balls took quite some time to arrive on our table.. The fries were just normal, but the sotong balls were quite yummy, I guess because they were piping hot when served to us....

Summer Breeze is quite a cool and relaxing place to have a drink and snacks, by the sea.. when I was flipping through the menu, I realised that they served Zhi Char dishes too... so still can have dinner over drinks..

The prices are pretty reasonable .. half pint of hoegaarden ($6.50), fries ($5.50) and 8 sotong balls ($6.00) .. and I saw they selling tower of beer only $41-$45 ( 2 choices)

No service charge, but there is 7% GST charged on the total bill.

If it happens to rain, they got some tables and seats under the shelter... One good thing is there is free parking.. when you turn into Pasir Ris Park, try to park at the 2nd carpark ( near to the ex-fisherman village)upon reaching Pasir Ris Park... its nearer to Summer Breeze than the 1st carpark. But 1 word of caution, if you are driving, then please dont take alcoholic drinks.. there have a wide range of drinks like coffee and tea on the menu though...

By the way, it closes at 3am.. but 2am, the staff start to clear the tables nearer to the sea and they started to collect all the candles from all the tables...

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