Monday, December 21, 2009

Tao's Resturant @ Paradiz Centre

19th Dec ( Sat) , noon..

My friends celebrated my birthday ( in advance) at Tao's Restuarant @ Paradiz Centre. I was asked where I wanted to celebrate, and I chose Tao's Restaurant.. My very first time eating at Tao's Restaurant...and I should say its pretty value for money for the quality and selection of food/drinks, we got to choose 1 item each out of the 6 categories ( except the starter which is the bacon & mushroom gratin).. Most of the food were quite nice...


 ^ Bacon & Mushroom Gratin

^( Gratin is served with nice warm toasted bread)

^ Smoked Salmon ( I ordered this, but I think the rest of the salads were better..coz there was nothing special about this)

^ Fruit Salad ( A few us had this.. and I find it quite nice. although its a fruit salad, it was topped with a layer of crab meat)

^ Prawn Roll With Pork Floss.. ( this was quite nice)

^ Cream of Mushroom ( this was thick, creamy and very mushroom-ey taste.. nice! definitely not those can type)

^ Double boiled shark fin melon herbal soup ( This soup may not look nice, but its surprisingly not bad.. although I did not find any shark fin, its still a nice and flavourful light soup )

Main Courses:
^ from top ( clockwise): Spicy Stingray ( this was quite a big serving, and the stingray was indeed quite spicy) , marinated lamb cutlet, grilled snapper with japanese sauce, eel served with a small bowl of rice.. The 12 of us like got ordered all the main dishes... and I chose the grilled snapper with japanese sauce.. quite nice, will be better if there was more teriyaki sauce, I also had a bit of the rest, all quite nice.. and their award winning pork ribs was indeed nice, the meat was quite tender and yummy.


All the ice teas we had were quite refreshing, I also had a sip of all the teas.. the ice teas were served in pots so we can easily shared our teas.. I like the most is ice summer peach tea.. It gave me a summer feel after drinking! ( I think it was chamomile in it) .. The staff said their most popular tea was ice rose apple, it tasted more of rose than apple.. not bad, a light refreshing drink...


I ordered Tiramisu which I find the biscuits/cake in it should be soften.. the creame brulee was smooth and sweetness just right ( not very sweet type)

A big thank you to all my friends who celebrated my birthday with me,.. thank you for the nice treats and special birthday cakes... I enjoyed all your company and had a wonderful day!


tiggercheeze said...

"Double boiled shark fin melon herbal soup"

This is a kind of melon which will turn into 'strands' when cooked that looks like sharkfin ;)

not that there'll be shark fin in it... hee

Sharon said...


haha, oh is it.. I thought there will be shark fin in it.. but then I also did not find any 'strands' of melon in the soup! Nonetheless, the taste of the soup is pretty good. ('',)

Thanks for enlightening me on this shark fin melon fact.. haha.. coz I really dont know and thought there should be at least some shark fins in it...keke