Tuesday, March 16, 2010

CK Tangs Closed Door Sale Is Here Again!

This afternoon I received an sms from CK Tangs...

Its the Tangs Closed Door Sale!!! I have been to Tangs Closed Door Sale a couple of times.. and one can look forward to a lot of great buys.. like watches, Levis jeans, beauty and skincare products because there are always fantastic discounts on their closed door sales... For example, Swatches watches, Levis jeans, there will be 20% + 10% discount + additional 12% rebates... ( wow, do your maths, and you will find that there is indeed some savings)

I missed the previous closed door sale so this Wednesday I will definitely make a trip down to CK Tangs.. because recently a bag caught my eyes and this will be a good time to get it, can save some money! (Opps, how can I save money when I spent..haha!!)

Although Tangs 12% rebates stretch for 2 days, it is normally the 1st day (closed door sale) that one should not missed because there are additional discounts on top of discounts, plus 12% rebates, whereas the 2nd day of the sale only usual discounts, plus 12% rebates.

More info:

Closed Door Preview on 17 Mar ’10 (Wed)
Bring 3 friends! Free breakfast snack at both stores, while stocks last.

Check out the special offers specially for card members:

Make your shopping list now and happy shopping ('',)

Update: I went today and was disappointed that the brand that I wanted do not have extra discount.. But there were other great buys.. because most of the brands are having 20% + 10%, on top of 12% rebates. 
(By the way, I always thought the discount is 20% + 20%, but its actually 20% + 10% on Tangs closed door sales.)

Tangs open until 11pm on these 2 days.

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