Thursday, May 13, 2010

Beishan Chuan Spicy Steamboat

I finally tried Beishan Chuan Spicy Steamboat on 8 May, (The steamboat restaurant behind Daiso Vivo City) after walking past countless times and several failed attempts, because it is always fully booked whenever we feel like having steamboat there.. but we went quite early before 6.30pm so managed to get a table by the windows, just a few minutes in the queue... Many people were already in the restaurant when we were there.. Business has always been so good whenever we passed by.. Is it really that good??

The spread of ingredients...

The vegetables/noodles selection...

Choices of Steamboat Soup..
And we chose Tom Yam and Seafood, according to the waitress, she said these 2 are the most popular.. so being first-timers, we chose the more popular ones..
What we took ( we did not take a lot of each item, just a few pieces each)

There got a small section of cooked food - cheese crabs, fried noodles, fried rice, man tous, fried chicken wings and drumlets, stirred fried vegetables..

Mostly yong tau foo items on this plate..

The seafood items..

The meat ...

Cooking the raw ingredients...
Not forgetting the desserts....

It has been a long time since I enjoyed my steamboat dining experience. After dining here, I finally know why it is always full house every time we wanted to eat .. Personally I find it so much better than Jpot which is located within the same mall... ( even my dear find this steamboat better than Jpot's)

Selection of food:
Although its not a wide spread of ingredients, its enough for me .. those usual stuffs can be found here, just that they have limited meat and seafood items.. ( but it does not really matter to me)

Selection of sauces:
Ya, I mentioned before Jpot's sauce selection is quite impressive..but over here.. only around 7 types of the normal chilli sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil, chilli oil, peanut sauce etc... ( but the chilli sauce dip is quite nice)

Quality of food:
I must say the quality of food is there! Although the variety may be small, the quality compensate for it.. I find the ingredients fresh, and the vegetables are all properly cut and washed before putting into the big transparent bowls.

Quality of soup:
Arrr... I tried the seafood soup before putting any ingredients but I did not find any seafood taste.. but the tom yam is quite nice, not over spicy.. When we put all the ingredients into the soup to cook, both the soup are pretty tasty.

I do like the ambience of this restaurant ( although its not as nice as Jpot's)..but maybe we were seated just by the windows, so its like enjoying our meal at a corner without any disturbance from the surroundings..

Cost of steamboat buffet:
Its is pretty reasonable I find.. for weekends, its $19.90++ per each person cost around $24. ( ok, it just cost a few dollars more compared to having steamboats in Bugis area) Of course this is much cheaper than Chong Qing Ma La Steamboat at Suntec City.

Any particular food I like:
While most ingredients are what we normally find at steamboat place, I specially like the white radish slices which are sliced thinly like a disc shape, the original shape of white radish,... Not forgetting the thinly sliced beef ( I love this!), the fried rice also quite nice.

What I do not like about my dining experience:
After leaving the place, my hair actually smell of steamboat .. it should be quite common for our hair to stink after eating steamboat right?.. so I sprayed my hair with a hair perfume spray right after I left the place.. And 1 thing I dont like is, drinks are not included in the buffet price.. Got to add another $1 to get chinese tea/plain water and $2 onwards for soft drinks or syrup drinks. ( but they do serve super large cup of drinks with additional top up)

Any special promotions:
No credit card promotions though.. but there are special prices for NSfs, students and senior citizens.. and dining on weekdays is slightly cheaper at $16.90 per pax.. Lunch buffet also available at a cheaper price.

More details on the pricings of weekday/weekend buffets:

I will be back again for its steamboat when I feel like having steamboat buffet...

However, do note that there is a time limit to finish your steamboat.. the price is for 2 hours and $5 surcharge for additional hour. ( but I find 2 hours more than enough to have a satisfying steamboat including ample time for desserts.. frankly speaking how much can one eat at a steamboat buffet?) I guess they have a time limit because of limited tables... ( The restaurant is quite small though)

When we left the place at around 8pm, there were still many people in the Queue... so its advisable to call for reservation..

Beishan Chuan Spicy Steamboat Restaurant is located at:
No.1 Harbourfront Walk,
#03-07 Vivo City (Behind Daiso)
Reservation number: 6222 3880

Operating Hours: 12pm to 10pm.

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