Monday, July 12, 2010

Haunted Changi

There was 1 particular poster of an upcoming movie which caught my eyes.. "Haunted Changi" when I was walking along the corridors of Cathay Cinema @ Downtown East..

Can you make a guess which movie is that???

Yes, its a horror movie about the famous haunted Old Changi Hospital..

Why was I attracted to it and feel like watching a HORROR movie??

Because in my younger days, I went to the Old Changi Hospital in the middle of the night, with my biker friends, to scare ourselves.. Until today, I have never really have a complete tour of the building, although I had been there a couple of times, because we always ran out of the building half way... those were really terrifying yet exciting experiences.. There was once I went in the day time, also felt scared....I guess its a horror movie that will bring back my childhood memories.. but I am not sure if I can keep my eyes widely open throughout the movie, or cover them up with my hands... LOL

See Haunted Changi Horror Movie Trailer:

For more information on Haunted Changi, Check their website. (

This movie will only be released in early September.. Still a long way to go....

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