Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Pupa Makeover Session

On Saturday, I went for a makeover by Pupa Singapore at their latest counter @ the newly opened ALT, The Heeren.. Upon reaching the entrance of ALT, I was instantly attracted to the red display of... Pupa Cosmetics counter.. WOW!

I arrived earlier than my scheduled appointment and saw 2 ladies having their makeovers by the makeup artists.. At that moment, I also saw Amber and Christine who had already completed their makeovers .. They had very nice and beautiful makeup, and Amber must have like her makeover so much that she ended up buying the products that were used on her face and eyes on the spot.. 

Soon they left, and I continued to browse through the nice display and lovely products and guess what I saw...

Customers testing and acquiring about the products.. and the Pupa staff was so helpful and friendly to render assistance to them... with a Smiling Face....('',) a happy face definitely brighten up the customers' day!

These caught my eyes... See the big Red Russian Doll on the left... its not a toy!!! Its a makeup kit from Pupa Puposka Collection!! Amazing right? Normally makeup kits come in a box form, then you opened to reveal some surprises.. but Pupa's makeup kits come in such cute and innovative packaging.... and they are available in different sizes..
See how the inside look like:
By the way, they are Limited Edition items .. they are so pretty.. I think if I were to own one of these lovely Russian dolls, I won't bear to use it! Can put at bedside to admire... LOL...
Nice right? Before I lost myself in the midst of the nice Pupa collections, ... it was my turn to be make over...
I was attended to by this very friendly makeup artist called Jerlin ( not too sure about the exact spelling of her name though) and the first thing she asked me was what kind of look I wanted.. then I told her I want the look she did for her previous customer.. Smokey eyes effect!!
I love smokey eyes but I never know how to create one myself though...
Jerlin removed my eye makeup and did touch up on my face.. since I had makeup on...
Then while she was removing my eye makeup, I was impressed that she did not show me any funny face when she noticed that I had my pre-cut double eye lid tapes on..instead she said she would just remove my eye makeup leaving the eyelid tapes untouched! I even told her its ok to peel off the tapes so that it will be easier for her to do my eye makeup and added that I still have plenty in my bag... LOL....
Jerlin also swatched the black eyeshadows on the back of her hand, and asked me which one I prefer.. How thoughtful! Achieving smokey eyes effect must of course focus on the eyes, and Jerlin really spent quite some time doing my eyes, as compared to other parts of my face.. applying eyeshadows, blending the eyeshadows, drawing eyeliner, lining the water line, applying mascara, concealing my undereyes... She finished my look by applying a neutral shade of lipstick, blusher and applying highlight powder on some areas, like my cheeks.
And here is my end look... took this picture with the makeup artist Jerlin who did my make up.. She is one of the friendliest, helpful and meticulous makeup artists I have come across. ('',) Good job! Thank you Jerlin for sharing your useful makeup tips with me!
A closer look of my eye makeup ( picture taken at the end of the day):
Thank you Pupa Singapore for this opportunity to experience a total make over using Pupa cosmetics.. and many thanks for the generousity in giving us this makeover treat and showering us with the lovely surprise gifts .. I totally enjoyed the session! Kudos to the whole team of Pupa - staff and makeup artists for being so helpful and friendly!

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rinaz said...

You look really lovely :-)

Sharon said...

Hi Rinaz

haha, thanks for your compliment.. you made my day.. ( its actually the effect of a nice makeover.. the makeup artist was really good though)

Thanks for visiting my blog ya..

Enjoy your long weekend.