Monday, July 19, 2010

My Very First Chemical Peel

Although I had experiences in doing and enjoying facials, dermabrasions treatments etc.... I have never done any chemical peel before... It was not taught in my professional beauty course as it is considered an aesthetics treatment which can only be performed by trained dermatologists and doctors.

The only chemical peel that I know of is AHA peel and all along I have thought that it is a form of peel (something like a peel off mask) ...which is a very time-consuming and complicated treatment.. but I was ALL SO WRONG!!!

So what exactly is a Rejuvenating Peel by TCA? and what can one expect during/after the treatment?

A chemical peel is a treatment that uses a chemical solution to improve the texture of our skin by removing its damaged outer layers. There are a few types of chemical solutions in different concentrations that can be used, depending on the depth of peels. ( For e.g: AHA, TCA and Phenol peels) TCA peel is a type of medium peeling which uses Trichloroacetic acid to treat fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes and acne scars as well as discolorations.

Let me share with you my experience of my very first chemical peel (The Rejuvenating Peel by TCA) done on 14th July (Wednesday) at HealthTrends Wellness Clinic located at Novena Medical Centre.

The reception counter...


The waiting area..

Before the start of the treatment, I had a short introduction and consultation with Dr. Yap Chin Vie. He was friendly and knowledgeable about the treatments plus seeing his glowing skin made me feel more secured about what I would be expecting next.. afterall its my very first chemical peel... what if my face turn out as red as apple after my treatment??

I was then led to this treatment room where I did my TCA peel. Disposable bed and head-rest covers were used. I was also given a disposable shower cap to wear so that my hair wont fall all over my face.
Ok it was about time to start my TCA peel... excited and abit nervous..

1) First of all, my face was thoroughly cleansed to remove all traces of makeup, and a pair of cool cotton pads were placed over my eyes to cover them, as the solution won't be used on my eye areas.

2) The solution (TCA) was applied to my face starting from the chin and upwards, using light short strokes.
- I did not feel anything at first, but shortly I just felt a bit of tingling sensation, with a mild warm feeling around my cheeks areas. I was given the basic concentration since there were redness at the sides of my nose..

3) While the solution is being applied to my face, I could feel I was being fanned.. to let the solution dry up faster.

4) My nose had got blackheads so I was given a 2nd dose on my nose area.

5) Then another solution called the neutraliser was applied on my whole face.

And then I was told its done! Wow.. I think it only took less than 10 minutes.. I was given a mirror to see the result.. Luckily I did not see a red apple -face... my face still look the same as before.

During the application process, I was asked if I could feel any burning sensation or if its pain..  but there was really not much of any strong burning sensation.. its only mild tingling sensation. I was advised not to touch and wash my face for the night to avoid contamination. Yes, I can only wash my face the very next morning... I was told I may see some grey residue when I cleanse my face in the next few days.. and I could even see a glow on my face the next day.. but more obvious results be seen in 1-2 weeks time.

I was expecting it to be a peel-off mask thing.. but no, its not meant to be peel-off.. but rather the solution would 'peel' the damaged layers of skin that are damaged by the natural elements of the sun and wind. By removing the upper layers of our skin, overall skin texture will be smoothened and skin irregularities are improved. That is why is called a peel..

Picture taken right after the Rejuvenating Peel by TCA. ( No redness)

(Pictures taken on 14th July, after treatment)

My forehead .. fine lines and acne scar marks..

Pardon my big ugly nose with acne scars and blackheads..

When I woke up the next day, there was NO breakouts, NO redness, NO peeling or flakiness.. and my acne scar marks are still present, did not lighten any.. blackheads also did not improve.

Day 2 - My acne below my nose dried up.

Day 3 - Nothing happened.

DAY 4 - Notice slight peeling at side of mouth and nose.
(Pictures taken on 18th July)

- Although acne scar marks remains, blackheads reduced significantly. (very slight peeling on the nose)
PS: The lighting abit different from above picture as I took this picture at night, whereas the above picture was taken in the day time, that is why different skin tones. I do not photoshop any of my pictures in this blog.

- Picture taken without makeup on (Sorry to scare you with my bare face, Ok I know with makeup also scary!) but just to show that there really no redness or breakouts after the TCA peel.

I did not notice any lightening of my acne scar marks (on my foreheads, cheeks and nose), but I did notice that most of my blackheads on my nose had reduced significantly. My acne also dried up faster than usual. There was also slight peeling/ flakiness on my nose and sides of my mouth, not really obvious unless you  were to come super near my nose/face to see it. Fine lines are still present though. Not too sure if its my imagination, but I seem to notice there is also a subtle glow on my face.

I guess 1 session of basic (lowest) concentration is not enough to see obvious result and more sessions should be necessary in order to lighten my acne scar marks.. Chemical peel is not a scary and complicated treatment afterall, it is a totally painless and quick treatment (can do during lunch time) to rejuvenate our tired skin. Will be looking forward to my next session, and I will request for a higher concentration.

If you have been doing chemical peels all these while, or you have never done chemical peel before but would like to try .. Good news for you..

HealthTrends Wellness Clinic is offering this Rejuvenating Peel by TCA treatment at a special price of $55 per session specially for you. (Usual price is $280 per session.)

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Thank You Pearlin for the invitaion and Special thanks to HealthTrends Wellness Clinic for giving me this privilege to enjoy a complimentary session of Rejuvating Peel by TCA, and also sponsoring the same treatment for one lucky reader of my blog.

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