Monday, July 26, 2010

Physiogel Bloggers Event

Just last week, I attended Physiogel Bloggers Event at Grand Park Hotel. (Thank you Ju-Ann for your invitation) 

Are any one of you using Physiogel products or have never seen/heard of this brand? For me, I have seen Physiogel products at Guardian and some clinics, but I have never tried its products before.. so I am excited to experience and learn more about Physiogel products at this event..

At the start, Dr Mark Tang, a Consultant Dermatologist, shared with us some interesting facts about dry skin and how we should go about choosing the ideal moisturiser.

What causes dry skin?
Genetics factors such as atopic eczema; medical conditions such as diabetes, kidney failure, and age are internal factors causing dry skins. The low humidity and low temperatures in the environment as well as frequent exposure to solvent, soaps, alcohol sanitizers and detergents will also result in dry skins.

How do you know if you have dry skin?
You will experience discomfortable, pain, itch and stinging and feel that your skin texture is rough, scaling, flaking and show signs of wrinkles and cracks. And if left untreated, inflammation of skin will lead to eczema/dermatitis.

So what is the ideal moisturiser?

  • Hydrate and restore the skin barrier - Smoothen skin, increase elasticity, lessen wrinkles.

  • Deliver and retain moisture - Penetrates and fill in spaces (restore the skin lipid layers by mimicking and enhancing the skin's natural moisture retention mechanism.

  • Physiological - PH compatible, allergen free, user friendly and does not clog pores.

  What are the key components to look out for in a moisturiser?
  • Occlusive agents: reduce water loss (e.g: wax, petrolatum, lanolin)
  • Humectants: attract and retain water properties. (e.g: urea, glycerin, lactic acid)
  • Keratolytics: smoothening ( e.g: lactic/AHA)
  • Lipids: such as ceramides, cholesterol, squalene.
But not all moisturisers are created equally.. --> Do your conventional moisturisers contain physiological lipids?

So what is so unique about Physiogel products?
All Physiogel moisturisers contain physiological lipids which mimics the skin's natural lipids, restore lost lipids and solves the problems.
Thanks to the innovative Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology.. which Repairs dehydrated skin naturally, relieving itch and dryness, Rehydrates skin, locking in moisture for up to 3 days and Revitalises skin, keeping it healthy.
There were a few handheld moisture detecting devices to test the moisture levels of our skins.. Each of us got our moisture level taken at the back of our hands..My score was only 57, way below the recommended moisture level of 70. :(   But after applying the Physiogel cream which is easily absorbed into my skin without the greasy feel, I got my moisture level taken on the same spot again..and guess what, my moisture level increased to 84. WOW! that was Impressive! Next time if I have the opportunity to chance upon a moisture detecting device, I am gonna to test the moisture level on my face.. I wonder if my face will show a higher or lower reading compared to the back of my hands?
After the presentation from both speakers, we were divided into 3 groups--> Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalise and played a fun and interactive game in which we were asked questions relating to Physiogel products and history.. The team who shouted the loudest will get to answer the question, and score points for every correct answer.. It was quite a fun and engaging activity! ( ya, in the end, our team - Rehydrate won!)

At the game station:
Before the whole event ended, there was a prize presentation to the winning group, and a lucky draw in which some lucky ladies walked away with some cool surprises, plus a group photo taking session.. something like taking a class photo.. but this is a big class (LOL).. because there were like 50 of us..

^ Joyce, Shirleen and me

Here is what Physiogel prepared for each of us:
Special thanks to Physiogel for organising such a wonderful and fun bloggers event for us, and treating us to a bag full of Physiogel products.. I totally enjoyed myself with fellow lovely bloggers ('',)
Don't Just Moisturise ..Repair, Rehydrate and Revitalise your skin with Physiogel products today....
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* Thanks Chantana and Tiphanie for the photos ('',)


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Thank you once again for inviting me to Physiogel bloggers events and knowing more about Physiogel products(",)

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