Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cleo & Harper Bazaar October Issues Come With Pretty Attractive GWPs

Earlier in the morning, I went to Ngee Ann City Kinokuniya to grab these magazines. 3 of them are mine, as I helped my friend to purchase her Cleo. 4 copies a bit heavy already, cannot imagine those people who are buying in bulk..

Cleo October Issue Come With:
  • A full size Nuxe Cleansing Water with 3 roses 200ml worth $36 (if you buy it from Kinokuniya) ,
  • A sample pack of the latest Kleenex New generation oil blotters (15 sheets)
  • Cleo Gorgeous HairStyles Supplement.

More information about the Nuxe Cleansing Water with 3 roses:

Just now I tried this product on my eye areas and (touch wood) no allergy after using..I smelt through the opening of the bottle and it indeed smelt of a light rose scent..but once I poured the product onto the cotton pads and smelt it again, there is not much rose scent.. and using this reminds me of my Origins No Puffery Eye Mask because they smell pretty similar.

I also picked up 2 copies of Harper Bazaar magazines because of the Haagen Dazs. vouchers.. $5 for the magazine and I was given 2 x $10 worth of Haagen Dazs vouchers and a spoon..which means I spent just $10 to get $40 worth of Haagen Dazs vouchers and 2 spoons.

The good news is there is no minimum purchase for the use of these vouchers..and they expired on 31 Dec 2010..

For locations on Haagen Dazs Cafes can visit Haagen Dazs website here.

Quite A Good Deal I should say..

Think if you are interested, gonna act fast.. coz I think these GWPs should be gone within a few days time, although Cleo just launched yesterday.


Christine said...

Cleo magazines at Bugis Kino had been sold out yesterday.

Sharon said...

Hi Christine,

Ya, I saw from Cozycot that it has been sold out on Monday, the day that Cleo was launched.. Think because there was 20% off for card members ( for that particular outlet) so everybody rushed to buy their magazines.. $4.40-20% = $3.50 ( super worth)... hope you managed to grab yours...

I was thinking if I should buy 1 more for backup.. ('',)


Kinna said...

So sad.. I went to look for the Cleo magazines at NAC today afternoon but they were sold out. Sigh.

Sharon said...

Hi Kinna,

Think next time you must chiong to buy the mag with the GWP if you are really interested, coz some people really by in bulk of 10s and 20s..

Think first 2-3 days should get.. if later the day, especially Friday evening or weekend, when everybody go to town for shopping, then the stocks will be gone..

I only bought one, and was thinking if I should stock. ( another is my friend's) but I guess now no more already.

Let us look forward to more exciting local magazine GWPs.

Have a lovely weekend.('',)