Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Very First Cozycot Private Spree and It ROCKS!

I missed the Spree the first time round.. and just last week, I was happily clicking the Cozyspree page for fun and happened to see the spree again... Without any hesitation, I purchased $50 for $100 worth of StarDust vouchers to test water first, to see if there are any restrictions to the use of the vouchers..the answer is NO!

My Very First Cozycot Private Spree!! And its one of the best sale I have come across this year!

I enjoyed Cozycot private spree so much that I went John Little Marina Square 3 times in a week, I got a total of more than $600 worth of products for only $300.. ('',) The BEST Sale this year!!!!! I doubt John Little will be offering this type of crazy spree for cotters anymore, coz these products are fresh stocks (NOT going-to-expired products) off their shelves.

Can you imagine even Kate Cosmetics and Kose going at 50% off the retail prices??? ( Hard to believe right?) I even got 4 boxes of different strength/types of Panadol all at 50% off! I was so surprised that I can even use the vouchers to buy toiletries all at 50% off too..

I printed out 30 spree vouchers in total!! ( as if the vouchers were free-to-print, but the deal was simply to hard to resist that I kept thinking what to buy)

I totally heart Cozyspree!!! If I am not wrong, Cozycot private spree is only opened to cotters who had earned enough Cozycot reward points and Cozycot Card members...so start to earn Cozycot reward points or be a Cozycot Card member today. ( I also earned 900 cozycot reward points by spending $300 for $600 worth of StarDust vouchers..which works out to be $9 rewards..since every 100 cozycot reward point is estimated to be worth $1 of reward for redemption of products.)

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