Monday, November 22, 2010

Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses Review And Makeover Cum Photoshoot Session

I was lucky to be selected as one of the 365 ladies to be featured in a Freshlook Illuminate Digital Calendar. I was then informed by the Freshlook Team that they will be giving me a professional makeover plus a photoshoot I headed down to Plaza Singapore last Saturday (13 Nov) for my Freshlook experience.

I popped over to Optical 88 shop for my Freshlook Illuminate lenses fitting before my makeover and photography session.

Emily, a freelance makeup artist (School of Makeup), did the makeover from me. She used quite a number of Sephora found makeup brands on me such as Too Faced, Sephora, Amazing Cosmetics, and was also generous in imparting some useful makeup tips to me along the way.

Thereafter I proceed for my photoshoot, right in the middle of Plaza Singapore Atrium.. ~Hides~

( That was not me doing the photoshoot.. but just a picture to show how the photoshoot was done)

And here are my self-taken pictures after the makeover..

Opps.. I look so fierce and sad here without my smile ( Shhh..I took this picture in a swift while I was in the restroom so if I was smiling, passer-bys would sure think I am mad!) ...but the purpose of this picture is to show how Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses look on me plus the nice makeup that Emily did for me..Know what, right after the makeover, I went to SASA to buy Eye Putti Eyelash glue that Emily used on me, and now have lemmings for Too Faced Insurance Shadow Primer and Amazing Cosmetics Concealer that she used on me too.

Adding a smile to my face... 

Took this picture around 8 hours later @Dragonfly.. Love the smoky eyes effect lots though!, because my eyes looked brightened up and much bigger when paired with Freshlook Illuminate contact lenses... My makeup (except my lipgloss still look fresh after 8 hours.. and make a guess what foundation did Emily apply on my face?) It's Lioele Beyond The Solution BB Cream. ( Scroll over if you want to know)

About Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses
Designed for Asian eyes, for a natural look:

•Unique starburst pattern blends the coloured ring into the iris of the eyes to make eyes naturally bigger and more beautiful.

•Special dual-layer colour printing technology that enhances all shades of Asian eyes. The colour of the lens interacts with light to "adapt" to the shade of the wearer's eye for a natural look.

Packaging: 10 One-Day Color Contact Lenses in a box

Design/Color Available: 1 Unique Eye Ring Design ( refer to picture below)
Additional information:
BC 8.6     DIA 13.8
Made in Germany
Price: $22/10-piece box
Trying them on my eyes:

Before & After Effect:
My thoughts:
I have been wearing Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses for the past couple of days, I am happy to say that they are really comfortable disposable lenses, which give me natural big looking eyes, without looking too dramatic. Thanks to the technology! The colour of the starburst pattern interacts with light to "adapt" and blend into my eyes so naturally, and instantly brighten up my eyes. I also love the fact that these illuminate contact lenses are daily disposable lenses, now I do not even have to waste my time to disinfect and soak in multi-purpose solution at the end of a tiring day. Simply throw the pair of lenses away after each use and begin your day by wearing a fresh new pair of lenses every morning.
I would say Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses will definitely come in handy for that special occasions which you want mesmerising eyes... And they are specially useful for overseas trips, in which one do not have to bring extra multi-purpose solution and case. ( I went for a short trip to Bintan early November and I wore my new monthly disposable contact lenses. On the 2nd day, I dropped one of the lenses into the sink while trying to disinfect it. ~So heartpain.. if only I have Freshlook Illuminate Daily Disposable contact lenses with me.. that incident wont even have happened because I do not have to bother to disinfect the lens!)
Having big and beautiful eyes can be just that easy and effortless with Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses.
*A big Thank You to Freshlook Team for this Freshlook Experience and giving me the opportunity to try on Freshlook Illuminate Contact Lenses. Special thanks to Emily who helped me in my makeover and the friendly photographer who patiently took pictures of me. It was a wonderful experience for me.

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