Friday, December 31, 2010

Tony Moly Singapore Press Conference Cum Product Launch

On 20 Dec 2010, I attended Tony Moly Singapore Press Conference cum Product Launch held at the ballroom of Intercontinental Singapore.

Here is my media pass to the event... A pass to meet Tony Moly’s latest ambassador Song Joong Ki (New Korean Heartthrob) in person. Song Joong Ki was officially appointed as the ambassador for Tony Moly on 1 October 2010.

^The arrival of Song Joong Ki at the Press Conference..A handsome young guy with flawless skin!! He is only 25 years old!

 ^ Media taking pictures of Calle Teng(Director of TonyMoly Singapore) and Song Joong Ki

^Song Joong Ki sharing his thoughts as Tony Moly’s newest brand ambassador. I remember him mentioning that his skincare regime is pretty simple, and now as Tony Moly's brand ambassador, he has got to take even extra special care of his skin.

^Tony Moly Singapore has launched the latest Tony Moly Latte Art range, so Song Joong Ki was making a Latte Art on a cup of cappuccino using cocoa powder and a stencil.

^ Here is Song Joong Ki's artwork 'TM' which stands for Tony Moly.. That was a cup of real cappuccino.. and did you notice a smaller cup of coffee with hearts on the surface? ( But it is not a cup of coffee... but its the latest TM Latte Art Cappuccino Cream In Scrub, yes it is a skincare product!) Really very cute and interesting packaging that I bet you would not bear to throw the packaging after finishing the product.

Let us check out the latest range of products that Tony Moly Singapore is offering to its shoppers...

First up, Tony Moly Latte Art Product Range- the newest and most creative product packaging of the year 2010 which consists of two products, the Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in scrub and the Latte Art Milk Morning Pack. Both come in a cup of cappuccino cup that one can easily mistaken as a cup of real cappuccino or milk tea.

Latte Art Cappucino Cream in scrub, $29.90 (80g)

This massage and scrub dual functional cream contains coffee and milk extracts. It removes flaky dead skin cells and impurities from the pores and supplies abundant nutrition to the skin.

Instant heating and color changing effects are two most prominent features of this product that would be instantly recognized by the consumers. The mask changes in color as it removes toxins and impurities from the skin using self-generated heat creating a steam towel effect before removing dead skin cells.

A non-irritant scrub with the scent of aromatic coffee can be used for all types of skin.

Directions of use:
Apply an appropriate amount to the skin and gently rub until the color changes.Rinse the skin with lukewarm water.

  • Milk Protein Extract (containing 0.1%): Natural hydrating ingredients keep the skin moist.
  • Caffeine: Face puffiness-relieving effect by promoting micro-circulation in the skin
  • Acetyl hexapeptide-8: Wrinkle controlling effects similar to a Botox injection
  • Natural coffee extract: Contains abundant caffeine extracted from coffee seeds

Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack, $32.90(80ml)
This innovative makeup base pack is designed to be super fast acting so that it can be used in the busy morning especially when makeup does not apply smoothly.

Users can mix and match creating a facial mask to suit their needs. Pour the creamy milk essence into the Milk Tea Morning Pack to enhance its skin-enhancing properties. Milk Tea Morning Pack does not have brightening or wrinkle-reducing functions, but mixed with milk creamy essence, the Morning Pack is upgraded to a multi-functional facial mask which smoothes out the skin by evening the surface,and helps makeup adheres to the skin.

Directions of use:
Apply an appropriate amount on cleansed skin, massage on face for 20 seconds,and gently pat the surface for 10 seconds to help the skin absorb the product. After opening the product, add the Latte Art Milk Creamy Essence to the package. Use the tea spoon included in the package to mix the two compounds.

  • Caffeine, Tea mixture, Corn silk extract: Facial contour slimming effect
  • Black tea extract: Skin moisturizing and glowing effects

Tony Moly Singapore has also launched Florida Product Range which consists of products containing essential ingredients developed with the assistance from the most advanced technology. Its patented ingredients as well as its well-known stem cell substance deliver fast and optimal skin improvement effects.

The Baby face secret skincare that keeps the skin baby-soft and refreshed like fresh flower petals. The Floria skincare products contain a stem cell extract of Morning Glory flowers, which has strong anti-oxidant effects, and Evening Primrose oil, which moisturizes the skin. The products stop skin ageing and maintain the skin youthful and firm.

Currently there are six products in this Florida range which consists of:

  • Hydra Energy Toner, $42.90(155ml)
  • Hydra Energy Emulsion, $42.90(130ml)
  • Moisture Energy Skin Emulsion (Dry Skin), $42.90(130ml)
  • Youth Energy Capsule Essence (Wrinkle-improvement), $49.90(50ml)
  • Youth Energy Eye Cream(Wrinkle, Skin-whitening improvement), $49.90(30ml)
  • Youth Energy Cream (Wrinkle-improvement), $45.90 (50ml) 

Main Ingredients
  • Stem cell extract of Morning Glory flowers: Potent anti-oxidant function
  • Evening Primrose oil: Moisturizing effect
  • Ceramide: Increased moisturizing effect for the skin by its ingredient of intercellular fat
  • Auxin: Plant hormone that helps to regenerate cells
  • Vita Flower Complex: Helps the skin tone translucence
*Main ingredients are flowers, but they are not extracted from pollen, but from petals,so people who are allergic to pollen can use this product.

*Essence, Eye Cream, and Cream contain a vita flower complex instead of distilled water (dandelion flower, pansy, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum).

Skin Type
All Skin Type (Especially for women in their early-20s to mid-30s, the age at which the skin starts ageing)

Current and upcoming Tony Moly Promotions:
From 21 December 2010 till 31 January 2011, with a minimum purchase of S$50 worth of TonyMoly products (which must include a TonyMoly Latte Art range), shoppers stand a chance to be one of the two lucky ones to bring home a personalized autographed TonyMoly Latte Art product by the brand’s ambassador, Song Joong Ki. One lucky winner will be picked from each of the present TonyMoly outlets (one at TonyMoly Marina Square and the other at TonyMoly Bugis Junction).

In January 2011, shoppers can also enjoy the TonyMoly Floria Starter Kit at $29.90 which consists miniatures of  TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Essence (10 ml), TonyMoly Floria Youth Energy Cream(10g),TonyMoly Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion (30 ml),TonyMoly Hydra Energy Toner (30ml), TonyMoly VITA VITA MX7 Calming Foam Cleanser (30g)

Tony Moly Outlets locations and contact details in Singapore:
  • Marina Square Store, #02-151 Marina Square,Tel: 6336 9186
  • Bugis Junction Flagship Store, #01-21, Bugis Junction,Tel: 6336 8087
  • Raffles Xchange (Opening Soon in Jan 2011)

For more product information and the latest promotions on TonyMoly, visit TonyMoly website and join TonyMoly Singapore's Facebook today.

A big Thank you TonyMoly Singapore and Olive Consulting Group for inviting me to this TonyMoly Press Conference and pampering us with 2 lovely cups of cappuccino and tea from the latest Latte Art Product Range- The cutest skincare products I have now! ('',) Love them..Now my skin can enjoy milk tea!


Kinna said...

So cute....! I love coffee, haha.
Btw, you meant "wouldN'T" want to throw them away, right? Haha.

Sharon said...


haha. they are really cute like real coffee, think Tony Moly's packaging quite eye-catching and colorful.

Your eyes very sharp, I typed wrongly should be wouldnt want.(I corrected it le..thanks for telling me)...haha I bu she de even to open ceremony the products.. The coffee scrub smell like coffee too.

Have a great day ahead!and wish you a happy happy new year 2011.

See you next year!