Friday, March 18, 2011

A Colorful Day that Bring Back Childhood Memories

17 March 2011

I went to watch Disney on Ice at Indoor Stadium this afternoon (with Jasmine and her son, Jocelyn and her family). Think the Disney on Ice crew will be here for 4 days and today is the first day of the show. Since it is school holidays, I saw many parents brought their children to watch the show.

Took some pictures for memories... ( The characters skated too fast, so it was hard to snap the characters with their faces facing I still don't know how to use my camera, mostly I used auto, and tried snapping a few using low-light mode)

Mickey and Minnie bidding Goodbye to us! 

After the show, I went over Marina Square to walk walk before going for a bloggers' beauty event.. and Guess what I happened to see at Marina Square Atrium.. A colorful paradise of giantic balloons exhibit... and took out my camera to snap away again as it was my first time seeing so many pretty and cute balloons in person... LOL..

Colorful right? They are made from our local balloon sculptors.. I think it's definitely a great place/background if you like to camwhore... or if you have kids, I am sure they will love them too...

Of course, I took down the details of this exhibition just in case anyone of you is interested...

It is free entry to this colorful giant balloons paradise.. and I just realise from this picture that one lucky winner will get to take home his/her favourite masterpiece.. too bad I did not see this, or else I would have voted.. but all very pretty, also hard to choose... but I think I would choose the following design:

(This was really eye-catching piece of artwork and it's like the biggest one there!)

 There are also friendly staff around to help visitors to snap pictures.. so nice right?

and by evening time, I was high up at Level 69 @Equinox to learn about the newly launched LMS Spotlights..

It is pretty co-incidence that this product is associated with color;  LMS Spotlights is a unique and simple-to-use beauty range that uses red light therapy... Just used this product earlier and will be using it diligently for the next 2 weeks since I am suffering from very bad breakouts since the last few days, stay tuned for my review on the whole range of LMS SPOTLIGHTS

What a fruitful and colorful day that bring back childhood memories..think seeing colorful and pretty things can make one feel happier and younger.

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