Friday, April 1, 2011

My First Visit To Nourish Naturally @ Upper Thomson Road

Just last week, I went to Nourish Naturally which was located along Upper Thomson Road for a full manicure and pedicure session that uses Mavala products. (Ling had bought it through Cozycot spree some time back but last minute her mum could not make it so I went on her behalf..Thanks Aunt~)

Ling had described the location of the shop to me so I roughly know where it was located.. just a short walking distance from Long House Food Court. (When I reached the place, I realised it was just a stone throw away from my favourite ice-cream parlour- Icekimo where one can find homemade ice cream in local flavours such as Teh Tarik and Bandung ..Oppss.. better don't digress!)

Nourish Naturally was just a small shop space located on the 2nd level as shown in the above picture..

The staff were very friendly without doing any hard selling of products/services.. They were telling us that they were so busy lately as many customers had bought full mani/pedi session from Groupon spree.. The response was overwhelming that that cannot meet the demand, meaning customers may have difficulties booking their appointments.

Nourish Naturally uses mainly Mavala products as the staff told me that it is what makes them unique; Mavala nail formulas are developed without toluene, camphor, added nickel..and Mavala hands and foot care programme is based on natural ingredients. (but they do carry OPI nail polishes on their shelves due to demand/request.)

My nails were short so I did not opt for those striking reds... and in the end, I chose these 2 colors...

Overall it is quite a good experience and the staff (Lynn and Valerie) were friendly and experienced. $24 for full mani/pedi at Nourish Naturally is very worth it! Heard Groupon offered full mani/pedi + parrafin wax for $30 and the take-up rate was very good. Ok, next time if you see Nourish Naturally having full medi/pedi promotions for first-time customers, can try coz its definitely worth your moolah.. (The usual price of their full pedicure itself is $38, 6 sessions for $180)

More about Nourish Naturally:
215C, Upper Thomson Road,
Singapore 574349
Tel: 64583286

Thank you Ling for your treat! ('',)

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