Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: LMS Spotlights

About 2 weeks back, I was privileged to be part of  LMS Spotlights Launch at one of the private dining rooms@ Equinox. (Yes, the one located on the 69th level of Swissotel The Stamford.) Splendid evening view, a sumptuous spread of delectable pretty-looking finger food & drinks, nice ambiene and the company of a group of lovelies and a friendly gentleman (Mr Paul Aylett) made the evening a memorable and exciting one....

Exciting?!?!?! You did not read wrongly... The highlights that evening was an exciting one!! To be honest,  that was my very first time that I was so excited and yearned for the product presentation/introduction to start early..

So what got me so excited that evening???? ....

Presenting to you the latest  LMS Spotlights...

LMS Spotlights (Love My Skin) is a unique and simple-to-use beauty range that uses red light therapy to help clear spots and mild to moderate acne, fast!

Actually a couple of years back when I was a beauty therapist, the salon which I worked at offered light therapy treatment which involved a bulky-looking LED light therapy machine with different colored-panels, each used to treat different skin conditions. I still remember my beauty trainer told me that principle behind the effectiveness of light therapy treatment is somewhat similiar to why our eye sight can improve when we see green colored things over a period of time.

I personally witnessed my clients' skin conditions improved a lot with regular weekly treatments that was why I was so excited because LMS Spotlights are beauty gadgets which use red light therapy, and most importantly they are small enough for me to bring them around whenever I go and use it wherever I want to.

So are you wondering what is red light therapy?
Red Light Therapy (RLT) is the application of red light to the skin, originally developed for NASA. It is a safe, natural wavelength used in skin treatment that is clinically proven and medically tested to treat mild to moderate acne and spots.When skin cells are stressed (for example, by a spot), nitric oxide builds up. Nitric oxide is naturally present in cells, but when levels increase, it can inhibit the skin's natural ability to heal itself. The red light used in LMS Spotlights penetrates the skin cells to force out nitric oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants to speed up skin cell repair, helping to clear spots and mild to moderate acne, reducing redness and inflammation.

The good news is LMS Spotlights are now available exclusively at Guardian Health & Beauty stores in Singapore. (the official launch date was 17th March 2011, infact Singapore is the second country, after the U.K, to launch the LMS Spotlights range)

Now let us take a look at LMS Spotlights range.. there are 3 LMS Spotlights in the range...

LMS Spotlight 3

LMS Spotlight 3 is ideal for use on a single spot. It has 3 x LEDs for individual spots and has a rounded tip. This is the smallest out of the 3 products. You can just pop it in your clutch or pocket so you have it on hand to act fast at the first sign of a pimple. Use it only 3 times a day for 3 minutes each time.

Price: $79

LMS Spotlight 8

LMS Spotlight 8 is ideal for use on a few pimples.It has 8 x LEDs for a few spots and has a broad slanted surface. This is just slightly taller and thicker than LMS Spotlight 3. No problem fitting into a cosmetics pouch or a handbag. Use it only 3 times a day for 1 minute each time.

Price: $129

LMS Spotlight 24

LMS Spotlight 24 is ideal for use on a larger skin area on our faces and even our backs and chests.It has 24 x LEDs for larger areas of spots and has a wide flat surface. It is stylishly designed to look like a compact. Perfect for use at home. Use it only 3 times a day for 1 minute each time.

Price: $199

How do you use LMS Spotlights?
Use LMS Spotlights as part of your daily skincare routine. For best results, use it after you have cleanse and tone your skin. To use LMS Spotlights, simply hold the ON/OFF button for a couple of seconds to activate the therapeutic red light and hold against the affected area 3 times a day until the spot has gone. Do note that for LMS Spotlight 3, it should be used for 3 minutes each time as it is smaller and emits less light.

All LMS Spotlights are battery operated and can be used anywhere and at any time. Batteries said to last approximately 50x 1 minute treatments.

So does these products work?
I was anxious to know the answer too and had been using it diligently 3 times a day, 1 minute each time since the night I brought them home as I had serious breakouts around 3 weeks back.

- See my ugly, big and irritating pimples on my skin... Took this picture before I started using LMS Spotlights.

- Using LMS Spotlight 8 on the area for 1 minute. (No need to set any timer neither do I have to stare at the clock to keep track of the time, because once I press and hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds, the unit will be turned on and just place the illuminated area directly on to the spot or pimple..and there will be a continuous beep, beep sound ..and once 1 minute is up, the unit will automatically shut off) Then you can proceed to another area or just clean the surface with an alcohol wipe or clean soft cloth before replacing the protective cover.

Personally I find LMS Spotlight 24 fits the contour of the chin, cheeks and forehead well enough since it has got a larger surface area.

and after using it for 13 consecutive days..

Let me place the before and after pictures side by side for easier comparison...

I use LMS Spotlights after cleansing and toning my skin. Sometimes when I am outside, I will use it over my makeup. Did you notice any difference in the before and after pictures? I find that my pimples totally subsided and flattened. No more pus and my previous scar marks seem to have lightened. I will continue to use this light therapy treatment until the pimples clear up.

My thoughts about LMS Spotlights:
I really love these new beauty gadgets that use red light therapy to help heal and clear pimples. They are simple to use and I experience no side effects so far. I also heart the size of these gadgets, making it so convenient and handy for me to put in my pouch wherever I go. I have already incorporated LMS Spotlights into my regular skin care routine because I always have breakouts and these really come in handy to help me bust the pimples. Now, I can enjoy the benefits of light therapy at the comfort of my home (in fact everywhere) without breaking a hole in my pocket with LMS Spotlights. Plus the LEDs in LMS Spotlights have a guaranteed life of 5 years.

And which is my favourite LMS Spotlights out of the 3??
Actually the LMS Spotlight 3, 8 and 24 applies to different coverage needs and storage, depending on one's needs. My favourite one is LMS Spotlight 8 because I like the wide slanted surface making it easy to use on hard to reach areas like sides of the nose, temple. I also like that it comes with a protective cover.

LMS Spotlight 3 is a bit time consuming for me as I need to use it for 3 minutes each time; I have many spots on my face and I think it will take a long time if I solely rely on it to cover my whole face. On the other hand, LMS Spotlights 24 works great on a larger surface area but I would prefer that it comes with a protective lid or a pouch so that the illumination area will be kept free from dust.

But one thing for sure, all the 3 LMS Spotlights are really compact and nice looking. Do you know that LMS Spotlights even caught the attention of guys? After the LMS event, I was trying out Spotlight 8 while I was in the train.. and the guy besides me immediately asked me what the product was when he saw the red light being emitted from the unit. He was rather surprised when I told him that it was a beauty gadget that used red light therapy to clear pimples and spots.. Guess he must be thinking it was an IT gadget at first.. but I can say the black stylish packaging suit both ladies and guys...

Personally I think LMS Spotlights will make a great and useful present if the recipient has concerns for spots and pimples. (Do note that LMS Spotlights should not be used when pregnant.)

- See how compact and small they are..

For more information about LMS Spotlights, do visit LMS Spotlights website. If you are interested to see the actual products, do drop by any Guardian to have a look.

Also check out LMS Spotlights on Facebook and Twitter(maybe there is a chance to win a LMS Spotlight on LMS Spotlights quick go and like LMS Spotlights Facebook now)

Special thanks to LMS Spotlights (Mr Paul Aylett and Ms Olivia Brafman) for having us be part of this exclusive LMS launch event and giving out the chance to bring home the entire range of LMS Spotlights. It was nice meeting Claudia, Rachel and Jannah in person. Thank you ladies for organising such a wonderful event at such a posh venue.


Anonymous said...

Great review!

Anonymous said...

These gadgets caught my attention the very first morning they were displayed at my neighbourhood Guardian Pharmacy. Wrestled with my guilt for a while before purchasing it (cos jus got myself a clarisonic plus recently). Your review is amongst the best I'd consulted before my plunge. Jus bought LMS Spotlight 8 this afternoon and tested out this device on my zits. Already they looked less swollen. However I do find the light too uncomfortable me... still, I am glad to find a device to treat my monthly breakout =))

Sharon said...

Hi Anon,

Thanks for your leaving me a comment and I am happy that my mini review of LMS Spotlights helps you in some ways. So you got yourself LMS Spotlight 8, that is my favourite out of the 3 Spotlights because of its size and shape.. Yes, the red light is not really comfortable to look at, so normally when I use Spotlight near my eye area, I will close my eyes and relax for that one minute.

The result is not instant, as it will take some time for us to see results using light therapy. Even when light therapy is used in facial treatments, also must go through a few regular sessions in order to benefit from the treatments. But with LMS Spotlight, I am sure it will help you speed up the process of getting rid of the unslightly acne at the comfort of your home, without spending more money on light therapy treatments at beauty salons/clinics.

Divide the cost of the product by 60 (since the LED lights guaranteed for 5 years), its like paying only $2-3 per month for light therapy treatments at the comfort of our homes. Quite worth it~

Enjoy using your LMS Spotlight 8!(",)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

Any idea if the LMS Spotlights can help to reduce pigmentation/freckes?

Sharon said...

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply.

From what I know, LMS Spotlights does not function to reduce pigmentation/ is used mainly on acne/pimple spots, but not freckles or pigmentation.

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Hope the little info helps.