Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kanebo Freshel White C - W Cream UV And Cleansing Oil

Presenting my first 2 skincare products from Freshel by Kanebo. They are Kanebo Freshel White C - W Cream UV (BB Cream) And Cleansing Oil A.

In case you are wondering, these are the many brands that are under Kanebo Cosmetics (a member of Kao Group).....and yes, my Holy Grail Kate Super Sharp Eye Liner is under Kanebo Cosmetics too..

*Freshel was first incepted by Kanebo in 1992 and Freshel's brand philosophy is to provide instant penetrating and multifunctional skin care products at affordable prices, for busy individuals. As a skincare brand, Freshel is one of the few Japanese skincare brands to formulate BB Creams that is all in one - a beauty essence, an emulsion, a cream, a sunscreen, and a makeup base.

Here with me is Freshel's multi-functional BB Cream - White C W Cream UV SPF32 PA++ from Freshel White C series. (There is also Moist Lift W Cream from Freshel Moist Lift Series, which I will mention in the later part.)

The only item you need after lotion application. It works as an essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen and tinted makeup base. This highly functional cream serves as a skincare cream and a skin color corrector.

Key Ingredients and Benefits of Freshel White C W Cream UV SPF32 PA++:

Full Ingredients List of Freshel White C W Cream UV SPF32 PA++:

How To Use:
After lotion, dispense an appropriate amount onto palm or fingertip and spread evenly on the entire face. Clean up the tube opening with tissue and tighten cap after each use.

Price: $33

Content: 50g


First, the plastic box that is used to package the tube is securely sealed on both the top and bottom flaps. I have to peel/cut along the zig-zag line in order to get the tube out from the box. I like this concept.

White C W Cream UV comes in a silver flat tube which is an ideal size to hold and/or to put inside our cosmetics pouch. The tube is approximately 11.5cm tall.

^The tube opening once you unscrew the plastic cover.

Trying It On:

Freshel White C W Cream UV SPF PA32 PA++ BB cream has a yellow under tone, which will complement most Asian skin. (as mentioned by Bobbi Brown in her makeup book.)  While most BB creams tend to be either too fair or too dark, I find this BB cream quite a perfect shade for my fair-medium skin tone. (My skin tone is MAC C3/NC30 when I use MAC studio fix foundation) It is really fragrance free and non greasy at all.

Although it is stated as a multi-functional BB cream which one can apply right after lotion,as it is also an essence, emulsion, cream, I use it after moisturiser. It just feel like a tinted moisturiser or a sheer foundation to me. The creamy texture blends seemlessly well into my skin just by blending with my fingers. (Yes, you are right, I did not use any makeup sponge or brush when applying, just use my fingers will do) Just like the way I apply my usual moisturiser/sunscreen. The after effect is an even tone complexion that looks like my second skin - very natural I should say. These days I have been skipping my sunscreen and 2-way cake, and use just this BB cream to fake a better complexion in less than 5 mins.. See the before and after picture ..

Before... Sorry to have scared you with my pale face with horrible pimples, scar marks and dark circles.

And after just putting on Freshel White C W Cream UV BB Cream, some concealer on acne marks and under eyes areas, and dusting some blusher..

Voila! A better complexion compared to the before picture. Can't really see that I am wearing any foundation right? Although it does not cover all my imperfections fully, I am really satisfied with how my skin look like after applying Freshel White C W Cream UV Bb Cream and some concealer... It is a makeup base, but I guess one can use it as a sheer foundation like I did, since it is able to cover 60%-70% of skin imperfections and make skin look even toned. For people who are in the rush for time, you can even skip your serum, moisturiser, sunscreen, makeup base and just use it as your all-in-one skincare cream and/or sheer foundation. I will be sticking to this new found love!

Besides White C Series, Freshel also carries the Moist Lift Series in which there is a similar BB cream in the family called Moist Lift W Cream SPF 23 PA++ (more for people who are concerned about dry fatigued skin or want to provide intensive moisture to skin)


Freshel Moist Lift W Cream SPF 23 PA++ contains Hyaluronic acid which has proven to be the most powerful ingredient for skin hydration. Moisture ingredients such as Yeast extract will soften the skin that hardens from dryness. Penetrating Adhesive Collagen and double hyaluronic acid sinks deeply and quickly into skin. Silk essence, a luxurious moisturizing ingredient, is also used in the product.

Freshel White C Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil enriched with olive oil, removes stubborn water-proof makeup and old keratin containing melanin, the cause of spots and dullness.

Key Ingredients and Benefits of Freshel White C Cleansing Oil:
  • Olive Oil - Plant derived cleansing ingredient
  • Citrus Peel Extract - keratin treatment and moisturising ingredient
  • Japanese Basil Extract -  rich in minerals and vitamins and it has anti-inflammatory properties
Full Ingredients List of Freshel White C Cleansing Oil:

How To Use:
Dispense approximately 2 to 3 pumps onto dry palsm, spread evenly on the entire face and massage gently with a a few drops of water, allowing the oil to emulsify and dissolve the makeup. Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.

Price: $24

Content: 180ml


Trying It On:

^Dispense an appropriate amount onto dry palm.

This cleansing oil really does its job of removing stubborn water-proof makeup effortlessly leaving skin soft after rinsing with water. It felt oily at first when I was massaging it on my skin. However, after rinsing my skin with water, there is no oily feel.. you know how some cleansing oil leave a slight greasy film on skin after rinsing with water? This product won't. However I will still double cleanse after removing my makeup with this cleansing oil. It is just my habit. ('',)

Great news:

Great Singapore Sale promotions by Freshel and Watsons stores.

Enjoy 30% savings! The below 2 products are selling at $39.90 instead of the UP$57.00.

  • Moist Lift W Cream ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)
  • White C W Cream UV ($33) + White C Cleansing Oil ($24)

*Promotion runs from 9th June to 27 July at the following Watsons stores only.
Parkway Parade, Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point, IMM Building, Compass Point, Marina Square, Toa Payoh (HDB), Vivo City, Raffles City and ION Orchard.

Visit for the full product listing and join Kanebo Facebook Fanpage now for all the latest news and promotions.

A Big Thank You to Freshel by Kanebo (Kao Singapore) and Pearlyn for inviting me to Freshel Bloggers Event and giving me the opportunity to try out these two lovely and fantastic products.


Lily said...

Hi Sharon, I read a lot about double cleansing and even in your post today. So, after the usage of cleansing oil, what is the next cleanser to use? Gel type or milk?
If I don't use cleansing oil, what are the 2 cleanser combination for double cleanse purposes if you may share your expertise with me? ^^

Sharon said...

Hi lily

Actually after using cleansing oil, you can follow by your normal cleanser. the cleanser you are currently using for your skin type.

If you don't use cleansing oil to remove makeup, you can always use gel/cream/milk type depending on your skin type n most important your preference. Then follow by your normal cleanser. But ZA got a gel makeup remover cleanser which dissolved makeup upon emulsifying with water.. That one I only use it alone as I feel my skin quite clean.

Although I know milk makeup remover is good for dry or sensitive skin, somehow I find it does not effectively remove my makeup .. That is why I always stick to cleansing oil.

winnie said...

hi, i am the new for BB cream.
i juz brought a BB cream, and may i noe after i used BB cream do i nid to use makeup remover to clean up?

winnie said...

the BB cream i brought is Kanebo Freshel White mineral SPF41 PA++...
do i need to clean up my face with makeup remover after using that BB cream?

Sharon said...

Hi Winnie,

Thanks for dropping by my blog.. Yes bb cream is a multi purpose product with benefits of skincare and makeup all in one so u would need to remove bb cream with a makeup remover at the end of the day/night ... Hope this helps... (",) enjoy using bb cream..