Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FreshKon Mosaic Charming Brown

Finally tried on the last colour which I have, from Freshkon Mosaic range...

^This is Freshkon Mosaic in Charming Brown, in the solution.

Before putting on the lenses..

After wearing Freshkon Mosaic Charming Brown Lenses:

Actually Charming Brown on my eyes not so much of the different as compared to Urban Grey and Velvet Blue. Here are all the 3 colors of Freshkon Mosaic lenses that I had wore before...

Sorry no pictures for Freshkon Mosaic in Luscious Green ( the last color in the mosaic family) as I do not own them... Out of the 3 colours of Freshkon Mosaic range that I had tried, personally I prefer Velvet Blue and Urban Grey ..maybe my iris more towards brown, so when I wear brown contact lenses, it does not seem much of a big difference...

I received a couple of  enquiries from readers who are residing in other countries.. and it seem that Freshkon Mosaic contact lenses are not so easily available in their countries such as USA and Philippines. Maybe you can try to check out Freshkon website for a list of participating dealers nearest to or in your countries from Freshkon website  (there is a dropdown bar to select the country)

For more information on my reviews on Freshkon Mosaic in Velvet Blue, check this post .
For more information on my reviews on Freshkon Mosaic in Urban Grey, check this post.

If you are residing in Singapore, and interested to lay your hands on Freshkon Mosaic Contact lenses, do check out the current promotion.. " Half price off the 2nd box of your Freshkon Mosaic Contact lenses" till 25 July 2010.


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