Friday, February 24, 2012

[Advertorial] Our Weather Causes Baldness! Hair Specialist TK Trichokare Explains..


Recently, at a friend's gathering I found out that one of the ladies was from TK Trichokare (the people that have Diana Ser in their ads), so I asked her all sorts of questions regarding hair problems. 

The first thing she told me that this is the most common hair care problem in Singapore – she also told me the chim sounding words – Sebhorrhea Oleosa.

Basically this means that the hot and humid weather here causes our scalps to exude a greasy, sweaty gross mix of oils from our skins. Besides being itchy and causing our hair to be limp and lifeless, if the greasiness is left untreated, it can clog our hair follicles and eventually lead to excessive hair fall – which is baldness!

I also found out that girls are suffering from hairfall much younger in life – for our mothers’ generation it was late 50s and beyond – for us, it is in our late 20s.

What should be done about it then?
Well according to the helpful Tracy, the first thing to do is drop by a trichological centre (a place that specialises in treating hair loss) for a consultation. Many people mistake the cause of their hair problems and use an incorrect treatment. At TK Trichokare, they use special scanners to find out exactly what is wrong – and then customise a treatment for you.

The next thing that Tracy recommended was to go soon – another big mistake that people make is that they leave it too late to start treatment. Hair loss IS treatable, and CAN be prevented – but don’t wait until the last minute. It is always easier to stop the hairloss, than to grow it back.

One thing that Tracy was quite insistent about was the smell. She shared that her customers have been to “the other” hair loss places, and they complain about the strong smell. For Trichokare,  they use all natural European herbs like Leopard’s Bane, Chicory and Burdock so the smell is really pleasant and relaxing.

If you want to go somewhere that will give you long and lustrous hair with that that sexy fullness and sheen that the magazine editors love so much – can check out the European hair spa experience offered at TK Trichokare – complete with natural botanical remedies and customised, personalised service.
If you want to know more about TK Trichokare, check out their website ,or you can find out more about their March promotion here .

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