Monday, February 6, 2017

Any Successful Treatments for Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

I used to like my skin but not anymore ... In fact now I feel very depressed whenever I look into the mirror. I am suffering from a skin disorder called Sebaceous Hyperplasia which is benign over-growth of normal oil glands (sebaceous glands) of the skin.

These bumps are skin-colored and have a central opening that looks super obvious since they are not flat but appear like some irritating pimples which I am unable to pop. I have visited the renowned DRx Medical Aesthetic Clinic about 2 or 3 years ago and had gone through 2 sessions of CO2 laser treatment with them (done by the friendly and pretty Dr. Yanni)  but the treatments did not help at all. I spent at least $500-$600 (including products) at DRx yet I cannot see any obvious results :(

Just wondering if anyone of you out there has any recommendation of a good dermatologist or skin clinic in Singapore that can help me get rid of these ugly bumps from my skin. Or perhaps if anyone of you out there can share your success cases of how you get rid of Sebaceous Hyperplasia using your secret home remedies. I would be grateful.

Update 22 September 2017

Ever since I posted the above post, I received a couple of email enquiries from readers who are facing similar skin concern, asking if I managed to get rid of these awful looking Sebaceous Hyperplasia. I guess I am not the only one wanting to find a solution ...

Early this week, I was googling about Sebaceous Hyperplasia and found out that Dr. Yanni had opened her own clinic (The Urban Clinic) at Raffles City so I went to enquire if they are using the same machine as what DRx is using and also the cost to treat my condition via their facebook. They told me that they treat sebaceous hyperplasia with a combination of skincare to reduce sebum activity and electrocautery using the Ellman System (a product of USA). They offered me a complimentary consultation with Dr. Yanni so that she can see my actual condition and give me a cost quote.

Although I did not get satisfactory result when I was at DRx, I decided to go for the complimentary consultation with Dr. Yanni and checked if the machine she is using at her own clinic is different from that of DRx's. I remember her as a pretty and friendly doctor who will not hard sell her customers with services or products so I booked for an appointment for the next day.

So yesterday, I went to The Urban Clinic located at Raffles City for the first time.

This clinic look atas right? Inside is like a pop art gallery, not the usual white theme skin clinic that one would see..

I needed to fill up a short form for first time customer (yes, I was told that even for customers going for consultation need to register), the friendly staff also took the front, right side and left side of my face using a revolutionary 3D camera to analyse my face condition. 

Then I finally got to meet up with Dr. Yanni who is still so pretty.. skin is still flawless and smooth (same as how she look a few years ago! ) She said that sebaceous hyperplasia is caused by oily glands deep within my skin so I can consider to flatten the surface of the protruding bumps by burning them off via electrocautery. I do not need to go to the extend of taking medication to control the active oil glands as she said I have dry skin not oily skin. 

As I only have a few sebaceous hyperplasia to treat, she said I could consider then do it another day or I could also do it on the spot. Since the price was reasonable and that I really wanted so badly to get rid of these awful looking protruding skin tone bumps, I told Dr. Yanni " Let's do it!"

So a staff brought me to their treatment room to remove my makeup and apply the numbing cream on the few spots for about 20mins. 

This is the Ellman System that was used to perform the electrocautery on me, a metal plate like thing was also placed behind my back. Sorry, no photos taken during the procedure as this is NOT a sponsored treatment - I paid for this treatment as I really cannot stand the awful looking bumps.

After about 20mins, Dr. Yanni came into the room and started to do the treatment on my skin. She told me out of her 100 patients, all 100 will find electrocautery painful, even her male patients find it painful. But I really find it painless (think its the numbing cream that helps alot), just that I could smell a burnt smell when she was doing the treatment. Personally I find going to the dentist to do the normal polishing and scaling treatment to be a lot more painful than electrocautery. Dr. Yanni said my threshold of pain very high but I am the type of person who is quite scare of pain. Think I have super thick skin lah!

The whole procedure was completed within 5 minutes..

Then I was out at Raffles City Shopping Centre window shopping... Took some pictures after the treatment was completed... The treated spots were red (no blood)..Think have to wait for a couple of days for the skin to recover..for scabs to form..

An anti bacterial gel was applied to these spots immediately after the procedure was completed. I was also given a small container of the anti bacterial gel to be applied after washing my face, before applying moisturiser. The staff also told me to remember to apply sunscreen.

I will be going back to the clinic for review in 3 weeks' time. Fingers crossed that I am able to get rid of my awful sebaceous hyperplasia this time round ...

Think the usual consultation fee is $40 as shown on my receipt, but it was waived since I made an enquiry via their facebook. The staff told me that there is one time complimentary consultation for first time customers who enquire via their facebook so can drop by The Urban Clinic's facebook to enquire about your skin concern. Not too sure when this promotion will end though.

*Please note that this is not a sponsored treatment although I wish they could sponsor me treatments to improve my problematic skin. ('',) I did not tell Dr.Yanni that I was ex beauty blogger neither did I tell her that I will be sharing my experience of this treatment that I did at her clinic.

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