Friday, December 12, 2008

Balloon Dress

Just saw this on today's Urban ... A dress made of balloons... and its very expensive.. cost more than $3000 (200,000 Yen) and it can only last 3 days... I dont think I will buy one to wear for 3 days.. unless I super rich, and dont know where to spend my money... haha....

Oh this balloon dress maker is called Rie Hosokai (the lady on the right, in the first picture).. and she makes 10-12 dresses a month.. and that is more than SG$30,000 per month... WOW!!! and 1 year, that is more than SG$360,000 .. that is alot of money ...!!! if we can make such beautiful dresses using just balloons ( no zips, no buttons).. we can be rich!!

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