Friday, December 12, 2008

Nice Food

I love to ear and enjoy eating .... Will be showing some of the nice food I had taken with my mobile phone ... enjoy!

This is a very nice dish call Ayam Penyet. Try this stall at Golden Shoe Carpark market, its located at level 2, the far end ( if I walked up the stairs which is nearer to Watsons),its a corner stall.. besides the stall also another stall selling very nice nasi bryani... worth trying!

A Cup of Han's Coffee - Well, I have to say that I am not a coffee person.. I much prefer drinking tea than coffee but when I go Han's, I will order its coffee.. its rich, and nice..its a good perk me up morning treat!! plus order their toasted on-the-spot made sandwiches and you have a fulfilling breakfast.. for the sandwiches, I will recommend ham & cheese with eggs.. haha, its a big sandwich, so can share with your friend or colleague, since they will cut your sandwiches into 2 halves.. Do request for toasted bread as it will make the bread crispy and warm.. Han's uses Gardenia bread by the way....

Mee Hoon Keuy.. I quite like to eat mee hoon keuy but nowadays seldom can see nice mee hoon keuy.. Last time Chew Lian Ban Mian is nice..but these days I find their standard dropped alot.. I love the chew lian ban mian at Singapore Changi Airport T1 public canteen.. the soup is so sweet and the mee hoon keuy is chewy and the chilli is nice too...

this is one of my favourite food when i worked at raffles place area... Its a stall at the basement of China square food centre... ( It has been a long long time since I was there, last time the food court is under renovation.. is the food court still there now??) this bowl of mee hoon kuey is a very big bowl, with very generous serving of ikan billis, vegetables, kuey, spring onions.. oh, in fact, there is no additional charge if we request for extra ikan billis, the friendly lady even will separate the extra ikan bilis using a sauce dish) There was once a customer even request for additional egg and also the same price.. And this big bowl of delicious, and satisfying mee hoon kuey with generous servings of ingredients cost $3! Very cheap! There are 2 stalls selling Mee hoon Kuey, this stall is operated by a China lady but she is very hardworking and friendly..

China Square food court got another nice food which I like alot - its their claypot rice.. I like it because its nice and the meat is fatless ... sort of breast meat, but very tender type...
Is China Square Food Court still around??

This is my favourite "Zhu Char Dang" in Singapore.. Its a stand alone coffeshop near to Lavender Food Court.. Very delicious soup with fresh ingredients and spicy chilli sauce.. Its very packed during dinner time especially weekends.. but service is very fast, dont have to wait too long for your food... Highly recommended! This shop is closed on Mondays.

Went to Manna Korean restaurant to celebrate my friend's birthday and I quite like the food, especially the BBQ .. the meat is very well marinated and its yummy!. nice korean rice, dishes.. Pricing wise, it is on the high side, but the food is nice.. For more reasonable price korean food, can try Togi Korean restaurant...

Manna Korean restaurant is located at:

101-109 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068574
Tel : 6227-7425

My Favourite Chicken Wings!

For those who know me.. they will know I dont like to eat Chicken wings.. I find it very troublesome to eat chicken wings, even drumsticks I find troublesome.. I seldom will want to eat chicken wings when I am outside.. but for this plate of chicken wings, I really dont mind dirtying my hands.. and I will definitely order this dish when I am at this place.. its because these chicken wings taste like frog legs.. they like made a cut in the middle section so after deep frying the chicken wings, I can spilt the chicken wings into halves easily, making eating these delicious frog leg taste alike a breeze...

This place also serve other nice dim sum .. freshly made and all the food are served hot! their drinks are also very nice, they come in plastics containers ( not cups) ... alot of clubbers will find their way to this dim sum place at Geylang ... Its called 揾到食(Wen Toh Sek) located at 126 Sims Ave ..near Geylang Lor 17 (not the famous frog leg porridge side, but towards Paya Lebar stretch of road)

But although this shop is located in Geylang, the prices are not cheap.. its pretty expensive for a roadside shop ( although there is an aircon room inside) .. on the average, one dim sum will cost $3-$3.50 and above... we are paying for quality food.. so dont expect nice ambiene when you are there, because there is no ambiene ( its not a restaurant) .. but expect good food!!

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