Friday, December 12, 2008

Burger Set Cake

This burger set cake is lovely isnt it? I bought this for my mum's birthday 2 years back.. and its quite a big cake.. it just look too pretty to cut and eat it... I bought this cake for around $55 in 2006 but now the price like doubled.. think their business must have increased alot after being featured on straits times and HDB tai tai...
Oopppss... this nice birthday cake being cut up .. and this is how the inside look like...oh ya.. everything that you see are edible except the ribbon on the brim of the cup... the 2 packet of chilli sauce also can eat.. the fries and the straw are biscuits...
Its really a nice cake... they even have 2 piece chicken meal ..but mine is burger meal..haha
Are you wondering how it taste like??

Ok, to be very honest, it taste nothing special, it is just normal cake with blueberry fillings... its the appearance that is impressive.. but inside its really tasted like normal cake...

Where did I buy this cake from:
Yiling Cakes
Blk 681, #01-817
Hougang Ave 8
Singapore 530681
Tel: 6386 6666

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