Friday, December 12, 2008

Swee Choon Tim-Sum Restaurant

Besides 126 Sims Ave Tim-Sum, there is a cheap and not bad tim sum place i frequent.. its Swee choon at Jalan besar.. Its air-conditioned place and the food is not bad ( although 126 Sims Ave is better) but for the price, this is not bad... they have a wide variety of food, they have new additional like la-mian.. but i find it very big bowl, and so -so only...

But the MUST-Try are these 2:

Carrot Cake: super nice, and can find little chucks of carrot inside.. 2 for $1.60.. taste equally good even if you da bao... can dip with their sweet chilli for extra taste...

their loh mai kai ( glutinous chicken rice) is also very nice.. fresh ingredients is used.. also selling at $1.60...

They also got another special dish called Fried Mee Suah..worth trying but i dont really fancy.. I still prefer their carrot cake..

They have a take away counter too.. can park your car along the main road, grab a few stuffs before zooming off... ( remember to da bao the carrot cake!)

Swee Choon is Located at:
187/189/191 Jalan Besar
Telephone: (65) 6294-5292

If I am not wrong, it is closed during lunch hours,..they operate in the evening til very late night... Its before turning into desker road.. but can also park at the parallel parking lots at desker road, and walk to the shop... its somewhere opposite New World Centre, where there is a Mcdonalds.

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