Monday, December 15, 2008

Eyecurl II Hot Brush Eyelash Curler

A few months ago, I got myself one eyecurl II hot brush eyelash curler, after reading quite a few cotters raving about it. In fact, thanks to a friend who gave me a call asking me whether I want to get one..or else maybe I will forget about getting one .... this is how is look like:

- Easy to use ( even for a makeup newbie like me)
- Able to achieve the curling effect without "L" shape
- very fast to achieve the curling effect ( think only need 1 min for both sides)
- able to melt mascara clumps
- safety net ( "plastics teeth" to prevent the metal rod from touching my eyelid)
- Cheap
- quite nice black shiny appearance, like look like a mascara.
- it should be lasting ( 5 hours after I curled my lashes, the curls are still there)

- I can feel the heat when the eyelash curler comes close to my eyelid ( but it should not touch our skin)
- its a bit heavy, since it works on AA battery
- it maybe troublesome if run out of battery or no battery.
- the cap is not able to close tightly, so if put in pouch, it may fall off.
- it consume battery rather heavily, like drinking water.
There are a few ways that people use this, can be used before or after mascara..

As for me, I used it this way:
manual curler> mascara> eyecurler II ( somehow the heat will melt the clumps)
I also tried to use it on my bare eyelashes, and it does help to curl as well..

However, after using this for a couple of months, I find that the results are better when I first use it.. maybe there was once when I put it in my bag and only to realise a few hours later, that the curler has been switch on for a few hours... so since than, I always remove the battery after using the curler. and one thing to remember, must also use the little brush to clean the curler after every use, so that debris/mascara wont get dried up on the metal rod.

Here is an interesting advertisement on eyecurl II ...
Eyecurl II hot brush eyelash curlers are available at all SASA outlets. Retail price is SG$15.20. And its available in a few colors like silver, black and white.

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