Friday, December 12, 2008

San He Yuan Steam Boat Place

One of my friends recommended me to this place at kitchener road to have steam boat.. its a buffet.. i went there 3-4 times and enjoyed the food.. especially the la-mian, its should be the best I have eaten so far.. even when I left the la-mian in the soup for a long time, it wont turn sloggy but instead, it became very chewy and Q Q.. super super nice!!!
there are 4 types of soup bases to choose..

There is a paper for us to select the ingredients we want ( unlimited) ... and the ingredients would be served to us, on a side tray ..

My favourites la-mian ( their la-mian come in 3 flavours, original, carrot and spinach...they taste the same though.. ) .. the sliced beef is also thinly sliced ..nice!

Very cute shanghai wantons and dumplings..
The bad news I want to say is: this steamboat place is no longer there when we passed by there about 1 month ago... its quite sad.. has it been relocated or it really closed down.. if anyone of you know about its new location, do inform me.. my friends will love to know as used to be at kitchener road..
Its a cheap steam boat buffet at $14.80 in a cozy and simple place.. think only around 10 tables in the small shop....

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