Friday, December 12, 2008


Went to Shokudo earlier this year with my family.. Shokudo means " canteen" in japanese.. and yes, its a Japanese restaurant but the concept is very similar to Marche.. in which the staff will present you a card and you will give the card to the cook when you are ordering food.. There are many stalls to choose from.. the chefs will cook only when you ordered.. its really like eating marche, just that Shokudo are more into japanese food..

This is not curry.. its a kind of soup and dipped with bread.. the bread is nice though..

Crepe with banana.. I still prefer Marche's one..

Ramen - quite a big bowl..

Rosti.. but its such a small serving...

Salmon and grilled sticks..

omettle - this is nice!

Chicken Chop...

The most I like is this - mango surprise.. very generous servings of fresh real mangoes... not mango syrup! try this if you visit Shokudo!...
Overall, I would prefer Marche over Shokudo...the prices wise, they are comparable.. but servings wise, i find Marche's one bigger..
Shokudo is located at:
#B1-23 CityLink Mall
Tel: 634109542
( basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre)

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