Friday, December 12, 2008

Seafood Paradise At Defu Lane

Hidden in the ulu industrial area at Defu Lane, there is nice seafood paradise where one can find good zhi char or crabs dishes.. ( actually its not that difficult to locate this restaurant as its quite near to the main road)

The most memorable dish I ate there was this ..tang hoon crabs in gravy.. try the soup and you will be blown away (feel like in heaven).. its ultra sweet and yummy.. Very nice.... must Try!!

This Chilli Crab is also nice.. dipped with fried xiao man tou is even nicer.. the crabs here are quite fresh and big..
This is hand made tofu that came in a whole plate.. unlike those normal hot plate where the toufu are cut into pieces before deep frying and pouring eggs..

I cannot remember what is this.. something like honey baby ribs .. ok, although my friend recommended this but I find it so-so only...

Simple stirred fried vegetables.
Ok, will recommend friends and relatives to come here to try try, especially the tang hoon soup crab.. the place is air-conditioned and the prices are reasonable.. Our bill came to around $150 for the above dishes ( + drinks and mini xiao man tou)

Seafood Paradise
91, Defu Lane 10,
Swee Hin Building.
Singapore 539221
Tel: 6487 2429

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